Tuesday, July 21, 2009


you act like you don't know how to get lost between god and a shot of scotch.


1. You ever play hit them for fun?
UFC NIGHT. you vs. me. ARE YOU READY?! IM READY.. lets go.

2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met?
holy shit.. this guys fucking hot. holy he's tall. holy his teeth are so perfect. i want it.

3. Do you remember what he/she was wearing the day you met?
stussssyyy sweater, beanie and jeans, oh my gahhddd. i wanna lick yo face juzz thinking about it!!

4. Where was the first time this person kissed you?
OH WOW. should i really get started on this one?! first of all, he did not kiss me. i kissed him.. andd it was downtown toronto, i really thought no one was around and i ASKED him if i could kiss him.. and then a billion people passed by and it's like those music videos, where the artist is just singing in the middle of a street, and the whole world is just zooming by.. yeah everyone was zooming, and i was paying noo mind.. juzz diggin it holy. ahha

5. How did he/she ask you out?
"yeahhh me and my girlfriend just talk about hip hop all night."
"i'm your girlfriend?"
"i'm your boyfriend?.. i thought we were on the same page here."

6. Where did you go for your first date?
haha ! we just discussed this the other day! WELL.. he showed up and said "so what are you doing today?!" and i said "nothin!" then he said "ok, we're going skating" and whipped out his skates. i had never been skating before, and i was deathly afraid, so the whole day i kept putting it off.. like "ohh well its getting late.. i dont have skates.. i wanna go home and warm up first".. just bull shit excuses.. but finally i ended up giving in, and off to nathan phillips square we went.. NO FALLING.

7. How long did you know this person before you became a couple?
the real question is, how did long did alex know ME *puts on stunnahs*

8. Has this person ever proposed to you?
i wouldn't so much call them proposals as i would call them demands. "we're getting married." whoa. whoa. slow down pal.

9. Do you and this person have kids together?
we got two. hip hop and nike.

10. Would you consider this relationship a mistake?
HMMMMMM.. nah, un-expected maybe.. but a mistake, no.

11. When was the first time you realized that you liked this person?
i dunno if i ever told you this yet.. AND OMG THIS IS SUCHA GAY.. but it was when we went skating. he bent down, started to tie my skates, and i felt like a princess.. and when he looked up, the cold had made his cheeks so nice and rosy, he looked so handsome.

12. Do you get along with any of the ex's of your partner?
i dont really know any of them.

13. Where's your favorite place to be with them?
in bed.. not sleeping, but just laying there, hearing his breath and his heart beat. it's ill na na.

14. Do you see you and your partner in your future?
well ill be on a beach with cudi, and he'll be fetching my beer. run along now little alex, fetch me a towel and dont forget to start my bath! hahahaha

15. Whats the most expensive thing this person has given you?
haha uhhh.. a flight to winnipeg?! thanks=)

16. What is one thing he/she does that gets on ur nerves?
there isnt one thing i don't like about him. althouuuuuuuuuuuughhhh i wouldnt mind him getting a hair cut ;)

17. What is the thing you do that gets on his/her nerves?
fill me in here babehh

18. When you are away from your boyfriend or girlfriend do you miss them?

19. If they cheated on you, would you take them back?
can i get a "fuck no" in this mother fucker?!

20. Can they sing?
uhhhhhhh.. HAHAHA. i like his camp songs. they're the greatest. dance little monkey, dance!

21. What is your favorite physical feature on this person?
TEEEEEEEEEETH. cheeks! bum! eyelashes! but his teeth are definitely number one. can i lick them

22. Have they ever given you a hickey?
oh ya. nigga he's boss.

23. Have they ever seen you cry?
oh yeah.. !!

24. Have you met their family?
i've met his mom, his sister and his dad.. holla!

25. Do the two of you have a song?
.. i typed no, then i guess we sorta kind of have paris, tokyo?! i can't think of anything else. help me out.

this weather is bomb son! i am digggiiinnn it. does anyone like that black eyed peas song as much as i do!? tj totally put me on it, i hated it until tj.. i was like wow it's kinda really catchy. the video blows balls but this is ill na na.. I GOT A FEELIN, THAT TONIGHTS GONNA BE A GOOD NIGGGHHTTT.. speaking of good nights, can we have some of those please?! seriously people, chill the fuck out, breathe! it's summer!! work, go to the beach, drink, whatever. don't matter, regardless, you're making money or having fun. both are good. NOW, stop shoving drama in our faces winnipeg! we just wanna chiilll.. u know why?! CUZ I GOT A FEELING, THAT TONIGHTS GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT.. middle fingers in the air son!
i'm tryna clean up my blog here, but it's taking me a while, so please excuse the html wackness that'll be going on!
so kelis went into labour today! she's asking nas for $23,500 to cover baby expenses, she also wants "spousal support" because she says "i'm entitled to maintain the style of life to which i have become accustomed". dwell on that!
i need more 25's people! feed them to me. i have like the next four lined up.. but that means i need fifteen more! cman bitches! WELL.. for a more positive 25, i did 25 questions on alex. he's kind of important or some shit. i mean i kinda dig him or something. so yeah.. ALEX POST!
that is all.


Anonymous said...

25 favourite foods?
25 favourite movies?
25 favourite commercials?
25 favourite brand of calculators?

k. im done. bounce to the ounce.

Anonymous said...

"we got two, hip hop and nike", cute!

Anonymous said...

I saw you playing ball today! Fuck you got dark lol

syntifik said...

i dunno who any of you are, so i'm just gonna assume all three are bonibelle..

with that being said, you're gay! muahah

syntifik said...

so apparently none of you are bonibelle, but ima post this cuz im still dying..

bonibelle: how could bounce to the ounce not throw you off?!
botch: i THOUGHT you were being funny ok!!! like when u call me and say 'waddup'
bonibelle: fuck you! i'm serious when i say waddup

Anonymous said...

Sacre bleu! I love it!

25 favorite outfits/styles?!
25 favorite tattoos! piercings?
25 MORE THINGS ABOUT YOU! because we are all wanting MORE

- Jahnett

Anonymous said...

25 favorite snogs (make outs)
25 favorite PLACES to snog!

- jjannet

Anonymous said...


This is meeeeeee now, you rehtard.
"in bed.. not sleeping, but just laying there, hearing his breath and his heart beat. it's ill na na." Would've been uuuber cute hahaha

I couldn't comment earlier today because there was this huge white box in the way of the comment thing. WAKE UP AND POST SOME MORE SO I HAVE SOMETHING TO ENTERTAIN ME WHEN I HAVE SHIT ALL TO DO.

syntifik said...

janet: I LOVE YOU. i feel like i cant say that enough haha.. i'll incorporate those in my 25 sooon.

bonibelle: hahahahahah fack you kill me. sorry man my nap turned into a sleep forever. it's like the first time i slept early in like a month :S anywayyss ima post later on, around 2/3pm. stay tuned ladyy