Saturday, July 11, 2009


i'm done been tired yo. i don't know what that means but i know that i mean it. beached the fuck out. two beaches in one day?! and your mind is done. three hours of sleep and your mind is done. birthdays and binging and your brain is done. ufc and beer and your voice is gone. "are you outside?!" "uh what?! you mean like outside the building?!" "i mean fuck, are you at work?! i'm so tired." HAHAHA. no more republic for me, thanks. i am sick of getting stuck between brawls and people trying to walk in the midst of non-walking areas. let's get to our designated locations shall we!? & why do people mean mug when they're not even involved in brawls?! dude, you're not scaring anyone, you're just making me feel like i could beat the shit out of you, and i'm like.. a girl and shit. friends are killing it, and time is going by too fast. i feel like telling life, YO. pause.
we all need a pause some time, no? i have a billion things to blog about, which is rare for me. i randomly see/think things during the day, and i think "HOLY! i need to blog about that!" then i get to a computer and ziltch. nadda. it all leaves my brain. i'm gonna start writing them down to trigger my brain cells.
not just that, i find people aren't gonna read long ass entries. you're assholes, you got better things in life. you don't wanna read, i get it. it's cool. fuck you. ahahha. now comment! i give you all this and what?! i can't get a comment in this mother fucker!? biiitches! i'm entertaining as shit. at least, i'd like to think so. 13, 000 hits has to mean something. it just has to. keep telling yourself that botch, keep telling yourself that.
i have anemia and this shit is wacking up my life right now. i also have a few people mad at me, which really should be bugging me.. but it's not. cause i'm like fuck, *shoulder shrug*.. i make an effort. i feel like i really do. but why do i always gotta bake the cake?! at least come around with some ingredients son, we're both eating.
speaking of eating.. i am fat. speaking of fat.. i haven't ran in almost two weeks now. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. that makes sense!! now i know why the anemia is.. i see. back on the grind starting monday. hopefully.
i thought about best friends today. i've had my share of people i called my best friends, and i get really close with people for like a year, then our schedule changes, and so does our circle. which is cool, hey.. we all got our shit. it's just crazy to me though, how people change. how things change. how i used to sleep at someone's house like every night to like talking to them once a year. mind blowing.. or boring. you decide. babble. see you at lett's people!

in other news, i have the greatest boyfriend in life. that is all.


rodrigues said...

you jog?


syntifik said...

but i wanna be hot like your sister!!

rodrigues said...

aw mann, I really need to learn how to speak english more fluently.

Anonymous said...

Anemia sucks ballllllllllls. I hate when it gets too low.. and I'm like "Fuck, I gotta take like 5 of these sick pills" but I don't. I take two. Cause that's what the box says.

K, I just wanted to comment.. but I'm gonna go eat because all I ate today was air.......... -_-

Yeahhhhhh you already know who it is without me putting my name here. This is the longest comment everrrrrrrr. Lemme just write you a novel already.

I'm rambling. I'm sorry haha. :)

syntifik said...

my two avid/favorite commenters.

i dont care what they say, cudi is life..!!

anemia does suck balls.. and uhh thanks!

glad an entry about no comments brings me you two! hahaha.
im joking.

love.. life.