Thursday, July 23, 2009


hello all! i go by the name of alex rodrigues and i will be your guest blogger for tonight. from the moment i met botch and busted out my canon xsi, she had requested to be in none of my definative pictures. as you can see from her blog, botch doesn't mind having her picture taken, but when her boyfriend busts out his dslr camera she covers her face faster then michael jackson does to the sun!(too soon?eeerrr...oh well) so from me to you here is the top 25 pictures botch won't let me take of her, after the jump.


Photobucket 25. i tried to get botch to come to toronto back in may of 2008 to come see atmosphere with me. she wasn't too impressed with my greyhound and travelodge idea.
Photobucket 24. some random guy went up to botch and gave her a flower the first night we met, i was so jealous. she left it in my car and me and mike blazed while starring at it for while before i returned it to her the next day.
Photobucket 23. our first lunch date! korean BBQ, we ordered alot and ate too much. 40 dollars and a great get to know conversation.
Photobucket 22. abit burnt but do able
Photobucket 21. we walked and talked toronto that whole day and ended where we started in the the middle of a snow storm.
Photobucket 20. after the second day spent being with botch, i rushed home and bumped nas because she was on my mind that much.
Photobucket 19. we enjoy our lunch dates and she enjoys her lovely iced tea. can i get sip?
Photobucket 18. oh man! that red caviar
Photobucket 17. as we were leaving, we ran into the toronto icefest show, she joked about seeing an ad for it and poking fun at it but never expected to actually be there.
Photobucket 16. TMNT! we had a little childhood debate over how cool raphael was over donatello.
Photobucket 15. she loved my wu tang tee so much, we tried looking for it at the place i bought it from but it was sold out, so i donated my own to her. i miss it till this day :(
Photobucket 14. can you say first official date? in -15 weather and no falling on the ice!
Photobucket 13. mmmhhh mmmhhh fatty burgers and a big smile.
Photobucket 12. sometimes we like to read hip hop books together.
Photobucket 11. ... and also discuss its golden era.
Photobucket 10. after she's gone, she's still writes me. heartchu
Photobucket 9. and i'm forced to miss her even more. so i travel 1250 km and 2 days on a bus to see her.
Photobucket 8. when in winnipeg, one of the grand spectacles to witness is that of botch's room.
Photobucket 7. we've got memories
Photobucket 6. we've got music
Photobucket 5. nikes over here
Photobucket 4. and reading over there
Photobucket 3. and how could we forget the super models, but sorry to disappoint, it seems like the winnipeg botch experience might be closing down soon after 10 years in business. stay tuned.
Photobucket 2. but anyways back to the lady of the hour and reason we have this top 25 here tonight.
Photobucket 1. OH YEAH?! can i get a fuck you!!! who needs pictures when i got you :)

well i had fun doing this. be sure to hit up, won't be starting my own blog anytime soon, i keep OG with the LJ(since grade 9, son).


syntifik said...

first of all : hahaha.

24. that picture of mike is too hilarious. hello ginuwine, i didnt know you was droppin a new single.
23. winnipeg bubble tea is better, you talked so much this day.. you're pretty.
21. HOME
20. you never told me thisss..
19. sticky lemon juice fingers for days.
16. donatello > raphael
14. when i saw this in my email i nearly cried.
13. ew
11. if you wanna ever take a pic of me, we must re-create this.. "UNH SON!" is what he's thinking i juzz know it
6. music's on the other side
5. wowww messy room
3. it's so hard to say goodbye:(
2. pointy ass chin
1. JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW.. we're sitting across from MSTRKRFT!!

i like your little plug for urself at the end there. you're too lovely. my weekend just flopped, and you won't know cause you're in hamilton?! soooo you suck. seeee you soonskies./

Anonymous said...

uhav really nice hands lol

rodrigues said...

just thought i'd show you this and how funny it be if you wore it