Tuesday, January 6, 2009


like extremely, wanna stab my throat and insides sick. if i'm not sleeping, i'm puking.. and it all came right on my birthday.. and if it's not gone by friday, then :( ON THE UP SIDE, i figured it's a good opportunity to try and quit smoking. so i haven't had any cigarettes today. i won't lie, i'm fucking feenin'.. regardless of how sick i am. i fucking want a cigarette so bad. even half a cigarette. ahhhh!! brutal. in other news, for my birthday, i've decided to hop the band wagon and partake in the 365 project. i have jan 4 and 5th so far.. i just gotta post em'.. but i'll do that when my health goes up a bit cause even this entry is killin' me..
hey.. what's your name?
botcho, nice to meet you.
you too, you smoke?
nahhhh kid....
(i know i'm gonna smoke once friday hits. but it's nice to dream.)

so aside from an ikea coming to winnipeg, we're also getting a forever 21 & an h&m. I AM HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. another helper for every single girl to all look the same!! yack fest 2009. I LOVE H&M.. and i love NOT having it here, because when i shop there, no one in winnipeg has it, so it's like SICK! now the secret is moving here, and it's going to be big because it's taking safeway's place. ugh. attempt to be original in winnipeg = fail. "OMG H&M" i can hear the fake ass girls yelling now.. go back to aritzia punks. aahhah

p.s. shout out to my moms on her birthday..! ill na na !