Monday, May 4, 2009


SPAMSPAMSPAM! 5YN-TIFIK.BLOGSPOT.COM! stickers came in, so spread that shit like pimps spread the legs of bitches! let the random bull shit begin!.. after the jump!

waddup world. this is my blog. if you're new, welcome. you're hot. if you're my friend, whats up! let's drink! if you're a frequent reader, thanks! you should really comment though, so that when im famous you can be like, "nah you dont even know botch, i done commented on her blog back in 2009 yo!" yeah.. okay. settle down. settle.. just settle.. down.
i've had this shit, not even for a year yet and it's nowhere where i want it to be, but it's getting there. it consists of mainly life blurbs and photos. my photos have been shit, because my camera is shit. i tried stealing an SLR once, but i failed.. the blurbs are for me to look back on. we only got one life, and i plan to document mine as fully and detailed as possible, so i spit. the vulgarity and nonsense is sometimes offensive, and i can assure you, that's just my mouth. i like breaking boundaries, and language is a boundary. let's break it! random reviews are inserted here and there, cause the strongest thing i have is my opinion. i plan to voice everything i think for as long as i can. hip hop, sneakers and $$$ have ruined and maintained my life all at the same time, so snippets of the three pop up here and there.. mainly, it's whatever the fuck i feel like talking about..! VICIOUSLY, I MAKE HISTORY, INSTANTLY! those other lame ass loser ass bitches, they can't fuck with me..!
a lot of people tell me my blog makes me seem like an angry girl. drive slow, i am not. i just tend to voice more during spurts of emotion. it doesn't help that i cuss like a fucking sailor.. this shoulda been my first entry, but along with the sticker drop, i found it appropriate to be inserted here.
basically you can stop following other blogs and just follow mine. FUCK EVERYONE THEY ARENT AS SICK AS ME! ahahahah ego trippin. act like ya dunn know.

enough of this shit.. let's look at zombie pictures!!



Anonymous said...

I haven't read this yet.. but.. umm... WHY!?!?!?!?!?!
I swear, the second last guy looks like Jim Carrey.

Anonymous said...

STICKERS! damn do you live in the t-dot ?! i'd like to cop me one of those.

syntifik said...

#1: because being a zombie is my dream!!

#2: i do NOT live in the tdot, and the sticker supply is officially claimed! HOWEVER, i go there frequently and should have some with my next visit (next week!).. mailing also isnt any trouble so watch for the next sticker post!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Mail me a box of those and I'll sticker bomb scarborough and toronto for you.

I'll try to call you this week, that's my word

syntifik said...


Anonymous said...

Hey good looking lady behind that sexy sticker! You should send some on my way too but I doubt Edmonton is ready for you.

I was thinking of you today! And how FUN you are!

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

P.S unforgettable? REALLY?! God thats a good song!

syntifik said...

i will send some as soon as i get more printed.. which will be.. as soon as i get money.. which will be.. i dunno when! ahahha but dont worreh ill send you some:)

..and you're funner!

Anonymous said...

I'll be waiting for it in the mail!

I love how you dream of BEING a zombie while I dream of stars and planets and baby penguins!

..And where has her ego gone?! Botch = FUN FUN FUN

- Janet