Friday, May 29, 2009



here's video number one, there's no specific reason i chose it to be first, it's just one of the few that would upload. i know i said i'd post reviews but i don't wanna right now so maybe next week. anyway, on to the description.. my voice is annoying lol.. this is alex & i talking random shit.. BOSS. toronto, may 2009.

i cut my hair today. five inches gone-zos! i don't love it, nor hate it, it's whatever.. and i've never felt this way about a cut.. i have ALWAYS loved my haircuts.. this one, i'm eh.. it's kinda blah, so i cannot wait to bleach this shit and add some fuckin pizazz. i was gonna wait and hold out and just let my natural color do it's thing, but after this cut, i am not dealing. my hair grows fast, so i don't really give a shit when i cut it, chop it off, i dunn givvuhhh fuck.. i'm just not a fan of the WAY it's cut. i feel like i look like i'm 12 years old.. anddddd okay. let's move on.
the weather earlier was poppin'. last night was.. interesting. poetry slam finals were just that.. finals. we got in for the very last poem, shit we were so late.. i just wanted to see what other writers had to say.. i didn't get enough to know.. which wasn't disappointing!! you win some, you lose some.. and when you lose some, you buy nachos and beer! ay!
my past keeps coming back to haunt me. it came back last night.. and .. i don't really know what to say aside from that. bitches i done did some fucked up shit. take it as a learning experience, put ur chin up and say "fuck it!"? yeah okay, i can do that.. or at least, i can pretend to and hope no one notices. fuck yeah! all hail random bull shit that no one gets except for you botch !! okay! daps mother fucker daps!

..with that, have a good weekend. payce!