Thursday, May 28, 2009


good news flooded the day, and it makes me feel awesome. i've been spending my free time laying down and listening to mixtapes. i haven't done that in a long time, just taking in music. for a minute i was throwing albums on, listening to them, without really listening to them, i finally took some time to actually LISTEN. so, with that being said, yall can expect reviews on:
kid cudi - a kid named cudi
drake - drake drizzy rogers
illogic - diabolical fun
blu - her favorite colo(u)r
tony yayo - swine flu
.. sometime. haha i dunno when yet. & i know that cudi and blu are so over-due yall probably are like "what?!", you can suck my dick. i do what i do when i do it. i've also decided that i'll do a video week posting, that should get done later tonight.. if not, tomorrow. it is un-officially the weekend and i'm excited as fuck. i'm also broke as fuck, which conflicts with the excitement emotion but i'm happy to just.. chill. not like i haven't been "chill", i haven't been doing shit! i'll try and get two more mixtapes in this week so i'll have a review with every video post..
p.s. fuck bitches, get money.. and give the money to me, ok thanks..!