Tuesday, May 12, 2009


.. you said maybe!?


unless you get PAID for your pictures, or your time, i'm sorry but you're not a model. volunteer modeling doesn't impress us, never will. step your game up.
unless you actually LOVE sneakers, your not a sneaker head. don't pull the front. if you don't know something, say so. don't act like you do, because when you say something that is completely wrong, we all laugh at you.
i miss phone calls all the time, i apologize.. i always forget my phone's on silent.. i know. it's redic.
geeze it's hot outside. can we get some deodorant bitches!? EVEN IF YOU DONT SMELL. EVEN IF YOU DONT SWEAT.. PLEASE. PLEASE. please, for the love of man kind, wear some deodorant.. because apparently no one is noticing their body odor, im encountering smells that have graced the gates of hell, i just know it. the world would much rather you smell like too much cologne than B.O.. you're killing me:(
i think im gonna do the whole 25 things now.. so im late, whatevah! when am i not late!? here i go!!
1) i love nas
2) i love hip hop
3) i love sneakers
4) i love money
5) my friends rule my life, i love them
6) i smoke belmonts, yup thas my shit!
7) mgd/redbull+vodka/budweiser. that's the night life
8) i could sleep forever if given the opportunity.
9) this isn't as hard as everyone made it seem, cause mine are one-liners >=)
10) i'm terrified of dolls.. WHICH REMINDS ME.. thanks a lot bonibelle!
11) by terrified, i mean if im in a room alone with one, im constantly watching it with my heart racing a million times a minute
12) i love pets, all pets! i love animalsssss and im down to hold anything as long as it's safe!
13) i don't like bugs though. ewew ewweww
14) i do not drink carbonated drinks.. except for redbull
15) tim hortons half coffee, half hot chocolate, YO DO IT!
16) starbucks cinnamon apple spice/london fog with extra honey, YO DO IT!
17) my family is pretty fucked up, but i love them all regardless
18) i am going to be bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes
19) i loves the beach!
20) can i stop at 20 im so lazy..
21) if you read this far, i will give YOU, and only YOU (first to comment) one free complimentary 5YN-tifik sticker.. next month though ahahhahaha.
22. i hate scales cause they make me seem so fat.. wack.
23. i'm broker than broke right now. $2 to my name.. for another two weeks. holla!
24. i love phone calls! especially random ones.
25) mosquitoes have crushes on me.

omg i want an apple right now. slices of an apple. i hate biting into apples.
but first i wanna google nas pictures cause he's the fuckin man..!



Anonymous said...

I didn't know what was coming out of my mouth at the time.. I think I just woke up? I will not make you an Alex doll, I swear. HAHAHAHA

So I want a fucking sticker. I obviously read all 25, you snatch licking gooch licker or whatever it is you say haha

syntifik said...

you're a honkey!


Anonymous said...

I always leave my phone on silent too. but thats cuz i have to put in on silent at work or at school. how come you put your phone on silent?

syntifik said...

haha thanks:(
my ringtone goes like this "WU TANG! WU TANG!" so its not exactly public friendly.. i put it on silent when im at the bank, if im in an "adult" area.. such as any downtown building where sneakers are frowned upon.. and sometimes i put it on vibrate when i go out cuz its hard to hear your phone behind loud music!