Thursday, May 21, 2009



i currently have 400 pictures to be posted.. and it wouldn't make sense putting all that shit in one post.. yall would be waiting on that shit to load for days.. so i've decided i will be posting in amounts of 20-40.. roughly.. and this bitches, counts as edition number one..! hit the jump!


he had his vans on but they looked like sneakers.

someone buy me a screen this size for my room!

don't worry we got closer ahah

so pretttyyy

so uhh.. i happen to like the yankees.

hottie with a body

aaaanddddd hit in the face thats a shame.

pay attention to meeeeee


nice hand placing.

cool crowd.

too cool for meeee.

flashing flashing..

..and we're off

uhm excuse me sir! please step away from the yellow line!

hold MY hand

dark ass fuck

HEY HOT SHIT! can i get your number?

no? okay.. well.. i'll.. just keep.. walking.

multi-racials in the buildin!

sick! hahahaha welcome to my blog:) MATSUI ALWAYS! you act like pinstripes dont make you wanna dangiddy. okay in realness.. boston forever.. sorry im from winnipeg, boo me. GOLDEYES! let's .. just.. okay.

so today was tiring as fuck. long ass day. there was this girl wearing white pants and i could totally see her ass through them. i pondered.. "should i let g know!?".. mind bounced back and forth between the following: if i tell her i might just completely ruin her day after all it was 8 am.. what if she knows her ass is showing and i just look like an idiot for looking at her bum.. what if she cries.. what if she doesnt know and i let her go out and she gets embarrassed later.. IN THE END, i didnt tell her. i figure if my ass was showing, which it has numerous times thanks to wack ass tights!, i'd be like fuck it. it was showing.. if someone told me, i'd want it to be someone i know, not a stranger, that would just be awkward. uhhh this story has no point and okay lets move on!
i ate way too much today it hurrrtttts. carmello anthony looks so humble. i just pictured him in a dress.. i dont know why, but i did. its cute..
either the regla is on its way or im getting fucking fat! i was doing so good.. morning jogs we must continue our love/hate relationship cause i cannot stand this.
my legs are lighter than my arms. by lighter, i mean whiter.. not weight..wise. yes. anyway it looks silly!
okay so today cuz was like "yo weather's awesome! music we're playing is awesome! & we're.. we're just wack yo!" it was true. we were zombies. so her idea came about.. let's grab a slurpee. wait yo, lets grab a slurpee and mix in some fucking red bull!! sev trip later we are sippin on some sizzurp and whylin!!.. SHIT IS CRACK! fuck all other drinks this summer.. red bull and slurpees all day!! and for nights, add vodka! seriously.. redbull your slurpees the fuck up! CRACK I TELL YOU~!! CRACK!
i think i usually go for teams that everyone hates on, izz like in my blood or something.
as much as you wouldn't like to think so. EVERYBODY KNOWS. everybody. people bring it up to me all the time. you're just a wack ass wannabe version of ME. so don't let the spotlight burn you, it'll dim. especially when your audience finally reaches the stage and they realize, "oh shit! that's not botch! i want my money back!".. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDDDDDDDDDDD you're a fail. botcho forever, you, ha. ha. ha. wackness.
I FOUND A NEW PLACE THAT SELLS BELMONTS! holler to the day! actually, i should say bianca did. whoo! all hail bianca! shit tastes smooth huh bianca?! YEAH BELMONTS FOREVER!
i forgot the jeans i wore today had a hole in the crotch. OOPS! fuckin' dirt bag status.
i just watched a leaked video on the blackberry storm 2.. ohhh lawddd it is so sex. no more clicking! purely touch! dangiddy dangiddy. mark my word i am getting this as soon as it drops! i love you berry! oh oh oh!
im gonna go buy some redbull and slurpees now. CRACK! CRACK!

p.s. your girlfriend looks like she got beat to shit with an ugly stick. TO SHIT! absolute shit! AWWW CUTE!


Anonymous said...

It's like I was at your date. That was fun.

Hahah I like Mellow. Always have. Anthony over Kobe any day! He IS humble and underrated.

I like ladies in white pants. And maybe her intention was to show off her "ass".


syntifik said...

can we go on a date?! say.. august first? ;)

i think i like him more than kobe too! when kobe gets mad i get stuck between "mm passion" and "geeze, you're angry again!?".
carmelo's sweet as sugar! his smile kills me!

white pants girl was custy, but her body was an 8.