Tuesday, January 20, 2009


so quitting smoking's hard.. so instead i quit facebook (i'll return, maybe.) but for now yall can come here instead.. it's my evil ploy to spam my blog >=) GENIUS!
life is too crazy right now. too many things are happening. im sucha fuck up! ahahhaha. okay wait slow down, not completely.. but sometimes yo.. im a little stupid.. yall can hop off my nuts like nowwww. i'm not really "satisfied" but i'm not like hating shit either. like shit is kinda like.. just going. &i'm like oblivious to all of it. like watching my life from a distance or something.. that's not supposed to sound emo. i just mean like, i wanna chill out with my friends and shit without a worry, and it's a breath of fresh air to not have people being on your facebook checking to see who you made out with, who you're dating and shit.. yeah. fuck off. aint got no time for no hatahs.. juzz livin my life, aaayyyaayyyayyyyy.