Thursday, August 12, 2010


you see.. when i was seventeen, i was in toronto with two of my best friends at the time. literally every day was spent together.. and then we lived together. our broke asses could not afford shit.. so for quite some time, we had mushroom soup for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, in CUPS, because we didn't have bowls.. and had to borrow a can opener from our neighbours.. OH.. we also didn't have air conditioning during a heatwave and took turns sitting inside our freezer.. let's take a look..



my house.. or the casino, same diff.

niagra falls. pictures do not do the falls justice. my future husband will propose to me at niagra falls, in a really extravagant way.. otherwise he's gone. lol.

men's cum is only $15!!!

at the time that "turtle, turtle" movie came out.. and we laughed pretty hard about this one.

our rooftop view.

we're so youuungggg.. all of our hair has changed so drastically lol.

our sneaker addiction was growing more and more into a problem as teens..

"chump change niggas, chump change". haha.. fuck we were so ballin' back then.

our first night of not sleeping together, we took a whole bunch of in-appropriate gummy bear pictures.

dave and his girlfriend, our neighbours and the coolest ones at that.

two of my world's greatest, picking a hippo's nose.


amber. botch. maribeth. janice.. before tanning and make up..!


Maribeth said...

oh my gosh

this seems like a lifetime ago already. I still can't believe we got to go on this trip. I still can't believe of all times to go we went during Carabana lol. Some of my outfit choices... dear lord.

we gotta go somewhere again asap

syntifik said...

OH PLEASE.. your style choices?! can you believe mine!? haha. we were so young and just wanted to get drunk alls the time. downing crown royal like it was nothing.. ewewew.

i will go anywhere.. as long as it's spontaneous ;)