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i knew i'd have to do a mixtape monday on this tape as soon as aggie played songs on her show friday night.. this mixtape was a struggle and a half to get when i tried last week.. my first download failed, and my second only had three songs?! dafuCk?! finally after my third i was pissed and said, "this better be fucking a 'good ass mixtape'". i had already listened to it without listening to it.. so i'm giving it my overall FOURTH real listen today.. plus i get to see big sean in five days so it's proper i get to it. let us begin.

this mixtape takes everything people want right now and throws into one. it's something that real heads will say "this shit is fucking hipster", and that hipsters will say, "hip hop is stepping up!". it has that kid sister/ m.i.a. / daft punk / cudi / kanye vibe that kanye has currently been going for. it takes electro sounds with fun hip hop and mixes them up into a jumble.. now anyone who knows me, knows i'm 80% hip hop, and 20% indie/electro.. so for me, i liked it. it's strictly bangers. amazing lyrics are a little rare in this one, but it definitely gets you moving with sounds that are new, fresh, and pleasing. the mixing is kinda weird.. but you forget about it once consequence or talib speak.. you're kinda like "ohhhh, okay, there might be something lyrical on here".. which i find makes it a win/win for hip hop heads that were a little doubtful about it.
it's definitely different, and that's no shocker. kanye is always trying to push his boundaries and make sure what he puts out gets people talking. this tape is everywhere right now, getting played all over my xm, and you can't get away from it.. which is kind of nice.. free music, free good music, and opening with a dubstep beat.. hey. it's a beautiful thing.
what i really like about this tape, is that it's really jazzy.. it's slow bob your head type hip hop. groovin type hip hop.. which i haven't heard on a tape for awhile.. so hey. let's get it. a lot of people were saying how this tape was "too R&B" and "not hip hop". which i won't deny, it has a lot of r&b swag type songs on it.. but some are good, some are shmeh.
i'll never get sick of the popular demand beat.. EVERRRRRRR!! and pusha t flows well on it. like what?! pusha t did the damn thing. which surprised me.. pusha t fans don't hate me for saying so! i dug it, put your bottles down, i dug it.
GLC? not sure how i feel yet.
"whatever you want".. big sean sounds like asher. i like it. hahaha.. not a big fan of this beat, but the song flows well, and i thoroughly enjoyed it.. minus that autotune. gagfest.
"everything about you" by tony williams, is a short snippet.. and totally r&b.. and it's not a bad song, but i can see why heads are like "the fuck is this shit". what you people have to realize, is that kanye is trying to showcase who he has coming. relax for a second. take a breather. it's not even that long.. and the john legend song that follows shouldn't make you stop.. it gets better trust me.
11 songs in.. i've decided i don't like GLC. ahahha. making me yawn man, making me yawn. sounds like a soundclick rapper but with okay lines. has a voice that makes me not wanna listen. not down. sorreh.
EEEERRRRRAAAAASSSSEEE MEEEEEE!! kid cudi. there are no words to explain my un-dying love for you. SHE WANTS TO ERASE ME.. a couple days no talkin, i see my baby.. love this song til life. this shit is so different and yummy i wanna eat it for breakfast! and lunch! and dinner! and snacks! and just yum.. plus hearing this version is sooo nice.. because the version i posted on my blog a couple weeks back wasn't mastered. this shit is sooo smoooth man. soooo smoooth. i wanna fuck it. like seriously, i wanna take this song and make out with it. this is exactly how i've felt with so many relationships and the way it sounds hit me with the emotion i felt when i done broke up with dudes. like.. yeahhhh. been there man. been there.. and to have it captured in a song hurts.. but it hurts so GOOD. plus kanye is back on that kanye tip bro. you gots ta likes it.
mr hudson is definitely something interesting. i feel like he's giving high fives to everyone with his voice. that's what his voice is man. it's the high five feeling.. i likeee it.. talented mother fucker with an interesting voice.. i like him. * high five mr. hudson. double high five..

1. Big Sean - Bullshittin' Intro feat. Consequence
2. Consequence - It's G.O.O.D. Music feat. Common & Talib Kweli
3. Pusha T - Popular Demand (Remix) feat. CyHi Da Prynce
4. GLC - I'm G.O.O.D. feat. Shawn Chrystopher
5. GLC - G.O.O.D. Man
6. Big Sean - Whatever You Want feat. Kanye West
7. Big Sean - So G.O.O.D. feat. Paije
8. Tony Williams - Everything About You (Snippet)
9. John Legend - Dream (Snippet)
10. Fonzworth Bentley - G.O.O.D. Bye Love
11. GLC - Got Me Gone
12. Amber Rose - Never Get Enough (Skit)
13. Kid Cudi - Erase Me feat. Kanye West
14. Mr. Hudson - Watch You Move (Live)
15. Mr. Hudson - Love Never Dies
16. Tony Williams - You Never Know
17. Tony Williams - All the King's Horses (Skit)
18. Rick Ross - Live Fast Die Young (Remix) feat. Kanye West GLC & Tony Williams
19. Kanye West - Life of a Don (Perajok Mix) feat. Lil Wayne
20. Kanye West - See Me Now (Skit)
21. Kanye West - See Me Now feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson
22. Kid Cudi - Wylin Cause I'm Young feat. Kanye West
23. GLC - In It For Keeps
24. Really Doe - Chicago feat. GLC
25. Taz Arnold aka TI$A - South$ide Blood Cuz'n feat. Major
26. Fonzworth Bentley - Fireside Chat
27. John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up Everybody feat. Common & Melanie Fiona
28. Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager
29. Perajok & Kanye West Outro
30. Kanye West - Power (Live)

this mixtape is all over the place and kinda fucks with you. all the songs are completely random and have you confused and scratching your head like "what's going on!?".. indie to electro to rock to hip hop to r&b.. WHATS HAPPENING!? it fucks with you a bit, but the title doesn't lie.. it's good music. you just gotta get yourself into a certain state before listening to it.. and be ready for something completely different every time a song ends. i'm debating whether to give it a 3.5 or 4.. just because i feel like this mixtape could've been three mixtapes with the amount of different type songs on it.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. i'm going to give it a 3.5/5.. but, if i took my favorite songs and threw them on to a separate mixtape, it would've easily been a five.. and there are enough songs on here to do so. i just think this one jumps a little too up and down for me. there are soooo many songs i like, but i think a lot of it doesn't belong on here.. it's just too much random.. 30 songs long though, i'll definitely burn a copy for my life.. and you can too.. get it: CLICK


Tyrone The Terrible said...

Liquor all night, LOVE it.

syntifik said...

HAHA.. bump that shit for pregames.