Wednesday, August 25, 2010


in the above picture, i'm the one in white sitting on my suitcase. it was dangerously hot and the two dudes with the cart kept asking me if they could carry my luggage. irritated and annoyed i became a total bitch.. and my mom took note of my "leave me the fuck alone"'s. so she whipped out some goods. instead of hurling out money though, she gave out cookies and chocolate. which eased my mood. it's amazing how big poverty can be without me even noticing. here i am thinking "fuck these dudes, they ain't getting shit", when they just need a few bucks. it was a heat wave, and all the cookies/chocolate my mom had with her were melted, and you should've seen the swarm that followed both dudes. they was lickin' the wrappers clean. no wack wednesday today, instead.. here are pictures you haven't seen from my trip to the philippines.. aka, the real eye opener.

7-11 in the philippines sells siopao.. TWO for 30 pesos.. 44 pesos is a $1. that shit's legit.

welcomed with open arms.

view from the hotel. nomnom life.


look at how smexy my cudder is! oh how i miss your no hair!

night life.

me doing my typical fire dance.. you know. hahaha jk i'm not that skinny.. or talented.

everyone got inked.

alex and i stayed at the very top.. and by very top, i mean about two more of these sets of stairs.. it was my cardio.

maybe five more..

cris and sean stayed here right below us, and we were at the hut at the top level.. more stairs.

this is what our balcony looked like. good life.

balcony view.

pool! which i didn't even swim in cause i decided to get a tattoo the day before.. blast.

basketball courts.

dinner. kidding!

breakfast time warm-up work out.

so this was our beverage booklet.. and for some reason, the cover has a naked kid.. getting water from a well.. screams trouble!

happy hour!

frog races.

we're matching!

my sister and sean:)

finally, it's happy hour again!

dinner on the beach!

the chefs.

my sister spent a lot of her time looking for shells and ocean things.


this pool is water that flowed in from the mountains. hot springs baby.

alex is in the red hat, i'm the one with blonde in the hair. LOOK WHO'S CARRYING HIS SUPREME BACKPACK! that's right, ME. you're so lucky you have me ;)

and a hiking we went.

with no destination really..

things we saw on our way to.. wherever we ended up.

.. we ended up here. NOT BAD.


haha completely aware of the crack issue. fuck it.



Anonymous said...

i don't mean to stare but u have really nice thghs:SSS

Geoffrey said...

Man I wanna do all of this times two when my family goes in 2011. Were the tattoos super cheap like everyone says?

syntifik said...

#1: creeeeepy! .. but thanks?! i guess.

jheff: i'm going in 2011 too! at the end of october/beginning of november.. and yes they're dirt cheap.. like 5 times cheaper.. $7 for mine. holla.

Maribeth said...

my favorite collection of photos!

the pic of your hotel room view on the beach is incredible!

love that picture of alex looking like hes dancing and having a grand ol' time. that should be his profile pic... not him in his Chippendale outfit lol

I want to pay $7 for a tattoo lol

that starfish caption made me laugh out loud freal. not even a pretty looking starfish lol

<3 the bueno jeepney!

apparently crack is no longer whack.. but back *badum tish*

miss you lots!

syntifik said...

haha tankkks ma!! it was fucking incredible..

lex changed his profile pic to that pic today and i was thrilled. lol @ chippendale.

$7 for a tattoo seemed pricey after packs of cigarettes for 8 cents haha.

bueno jeepney almost made me cry!
miss you too!!!!!! minnesota next stop! yayuurRrR!