Wednesday, August 11, 2010



hahaha oh fuck! i just realized i could say this here. i went to see drake live. i have VERY mixed feelings with drake. his old shit didn't impress me, nothing blew me away, but i liked it. i enjoyed so far gone. i tried VERY HARD, not to hate drake.. but this man, is a carbon copy of every artist that makes money right now. i feel he's a phony, and his concert was mediocre. & i was sitting on the stage. how can your concert be mediocre whilst i'm sitting on the stage?! HOWEVER, i will give drake this, he's puttin in work.. but you're a cocky little fuck drake, you're kanye. you're a wannabe kanye with less talent.

will you just get off jersey shore already?! no one even likes you and you're ugly as shit. you only came back for the money grab and the fame.. AND EVERYBODY SEES IT. plus you're a little bitch who's always up in everyone's business.. then you get everyone to call the house to look like you have friends. HAHAHA. cuz no one else wants to be your friend no matter how many times you say "ya like.. we're like friends." omg, "no she died.." followed by "ANGELINA DIIIEDD?!@!!!?ADAF", so epic. ohh boy. i watch way too much tv. p.s. vinny, i wanna have yo babies.

when you're shit faced full. like seriously.. these are how these convos usually go down..
#1: yo you wanna go for dim sum?!
#2: shut up, i just ate.. i'm so full. don't talk about food.
#1: where'd you go?
#2: the keg.
#1: omg i had the best meal there on saturday, their mashed potatoes are so fucking good..
:/. SHUT UP! im full mother fucker. stop talking unless you want me to puke food goodness all over your face! leisure suit larry will follow in second. ugh. you don't wanna polly with that thunn.

stop pretending! you might be fooling the world, but you're not fooling me! AND SOON, soon, everyone will find out.. and when that day comes, it will be the day that you'll finally realize.. "botcho ruined my life". hahaha. nah you trick ass bitch, you ruined your own life.. by being a fucking hoe.

i am straight bachelorette living right now/ hahaha. you wanna know what's in my fridge right now?! an apple. an orange. ketchup. mustard. relish. jam. a jar of olives. butter. whip cream. a 12 pack of beer (THE ONLY DRINKS AT BOTCH'S PAD). salad dressing.. AND A WATERMELON. THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE WITH THAT?! ahhahaha. watermelon and whip cream hot dogs, without the hot dog, and no bun. hahahahha. IM HUNGRY :(.. but i'm also smart.. i refuse to buy food cuz i leave for nyc soon. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it. & i cannot believe there is such a small amount of items in my fridge that i was able to list them.. you should check out my freezer, ICE and a pink panther popsicle ahhahahahaha.
don't talk about food when i'm hungry either.. unless you're making me something ;)

the schedule is going good. i've completed a load of laundry and a load of dishes, i've made two successful phone calls out of six, and puppy training is going smoothly.. but i sleep never. i have this thing where no matter how long my day stretches, i need personal time. whether it be to read, lay in bed and listen to music, watch tv, WHATEVER. no matter how long my day lasts, i need that time.. and sometimes that time takes me over the limit. i done been making my personal time go to the morning.. and when i wake up at 6:54 every morning, i am FUCKING beat. these three hour shifts of sleep are killin' me.. and so is this life..! i wanna sleep!!
not now though.. now it's time for re-runs of jersey shore.. looove it.