Wednesday, November 3, 2010



made it to the warehouse party around 3am.. right after puking my guts out.

re-apply the lipstick and we're good son.

just in time to meet cast members from shrek

and the swat team!

took a quick ten minutes on the bed, and we were ready to party.. again.

so was this guy

RICKS! p.s. that is not my watch hahahahahah

knocking on the door of the bathroom, my cousin pops out! HI COUSIN.

and it's bottle downing time.

family reunion!

sharing is caring.

place was packed like my belly was with beer.

bathroom breaks were so pleasant, it's rare to have functional bathrooms at a warehouse party. NOT ONLY WERE THEY DECENT, but every single one FLUSHED!
#1: "is this your wig?!"
#2: "yeah! i found it!"
#1: "can i throw it in the sink?!"
#2: "okay. i guess!?"
#2: "YEAAAHHH!!!" hahahahahha

whoa, if that doesn't say wasted i dunno what will. ahahha.

colin kept me company while i tried to escape the wrath of evilness. thanks colin!

you're so tall!

and in another room, i discover.. A DRUMMER?! what. crazy.

"why are you on the floor?!" "i'm grabbing my money"

what? we droppin cash?

wrap the party up by grabbing some mcdonald's breakfast.

so. IT ENDED UP BEING A FUCKING RAGER. i got wasted enough to not be able to see straight, to puke my guts out, to think i was being watched. so fucking wasted, that i fucking thought i was invincible, that i almost lost my everything. i haven't had a voice for the past four days. dropped my cell phone four times (from what i remember). dropped my camera five million times, the zoom button is officially broken, no more zooming for botch.. someone please buy me a botch proof camera for christmas! AND, i woke up with a black eye.. but fuck, it was worth every second. congratulations halloween, you were such a fucking gong show. drop kicked that son of a bitch to the face. see you next year, bitch.


MantasZero said...

whooa is your camera ok?

syntifik said...

it still works, but i just can't zoom anymore :( story of my life lol
OH, and the only settings that work now are automatic and video. hahaha

MantasZero said...

well you know what they say... "if your camera isn't broken you didn't have fun" ... or something like that

syntifik said...

haha do people really say that?!
well i guess it's right?