Friday, November 5, 2010


greatest nap in life. i'm still dazed. i don't know why the whole day i get zero phone calls, then everyone calls me while i'm sleeping. haha. i think i'm the best at missing phone calls. so good, i should add it to my resume. tonights plan is to be really laid back since last weekend was a fucking gong show. ready to just relax, but some how.. deep down, i feel like that's not how it's gonna go down. whatevah! after waking up you don't even feel like going out. just in that "ugh, more sleep" mode.. i just need a shower to make it all better.. and like $40. hahaha.
work all weekend, and my boyfriend gets here monday night. so there's something to look forward to. we're both in a "fuck these mother fuckin' phone calls and bitch ass e-mails" mind state. it's been forever and i'm really excited. even though i usually complain about working weekends, i'm glad to work this weekend because this way it'll keep me busy.. and then all of a sudden monday night will be here! the first time i'm actually stoked about a monday :/
when you're away from someone for so long, you start to forget things about them.. actually, i won't say forget, i'll say they sorta just leave your head momentarily. like his smell, and how his hand feels. wtf does he even look like!? i've been watching kid cudi videos all week cause it's the closest i can get to hanging out with my boyfriend.. ENOUGH. i'm ready for the live version.
no photo post today cause you bitches should've already had your fill from halloween. have a good weekend people. they're all us working class got! "botch you haven't even worked in two weeks".. i know! shut up ! lol.


Anonymous said...

your blog has gone back to more than just 2 entries per page! hip hip hooray!!

syntifik said...

haha yeah i dont know why my expandable posts do that... too many pictures cause blog overloads!

. said...

Lucky ur gonna see ur boo in a short while. I havent seen mine for monthss. Since july 23rd. :( LDR is awful. Got tricked to get stuck in the island.

syntifik said...

haha unfortunately i dont get to see him tonight like i thought.. ldr setbacks! i applaud you.,. i'm at the four week point and its driving me crazy!!
but i know how you're feeling! hang in there!