Wednesday, November 17, 2010



i was debating on whether i should do this post today or not. wednesdays are my busiest days of the week. literally a 14 hour day, so what's wack wednesdays have been kind of a hard task to complete.. and today, despite being my busiest day of the week was actually a really good one, so.. at the risk of sounding completely pussy, i'm having a zippidy doo dah kind of day, and i'm not really in the mood to complain.

BUT.. i'm shutting the feeling aside momentarily, i've made the list in my cell phone, so wtf? let's get to it.

talking like they know everything. i say girls because i feel that there are two situations with the know nothing beef. the first is a girl doing this for status. they usually claim themselves as hip hop heads, or comic junkies, or video game whores, when they literally know nothing about any of the three.. OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER, be it sneakers or pop culture, whatever the fuck, it doesn't matter. they usually try to shed their knowledge on topics and it's either wrong, or minimal.. and they're only saying this to look cool. fuck that shit. be yourself. i wish i was a fucking skateboarder, or snowboarder.. but i'm not. so i won't pretend like i know everything about the two.
then there's girls who act like they know what their boyfriend knows to her girlfriends. i find this is the most frequent with cars. they're either trying to do this because guys find it sexy when girls know cars, or they're trying to out-shine their girlfriends, i'm not sure, but whatever the reason, i could give a fuck. this girl says to me the other day, "ewww look at that guy's hood, that's not even carbon fibre, he just painted it black". hahaha/ seriously, first of all, i'm happy you remember a little tid bit your boyfriend might've mentioned, but you don't know two shits about cars, and i'm pretty sure you don't even care. so who are you fooling?! your boyfriend wanna be cool antics are not of any "i give a fuck"'s to me. okurrr.

this might offend some people, and the truth is i don't even know why it bugs me. maybe it only bugs me because i put on for winnipeg AND toronto, and i feel that when people are like "yoooo when you going" i'm just like "ew, stop. you know nothing". hahah. maybe i feel that when people call toronto, they're personalizing it. YES, THATS IT! psychology. when people give things nicknames, they give it a nickname to claim it as their own.. so when people say tdot, i feel like they're saying it like they live there and it's their city. you don't hear me calling vancouver, "vancity", haha ew. i would never. i never even say "peg city" and i'm from there!

kind of really blows right now. it's fucking cold. i'm really hoping for that lotto max on friday so alex and i can cruiseee while listening to christmas music!!!

how you gonna add me on facebook and then not say hi when you see me!? you fuckin phonies. delete delete delete. stop liking my statuses, you don't even know what i'm talking about.

this dude approached this old lady downtown the other day and swatted her shopping bag down. WTF IS THAT?! that's a fucking old lady! who did NOTHING to you. this world has some fucking fucked up people, and i don't understand how people with brains like that are even around. to re-assure people, a man called out to the douche bag, asking him to approach him (he didnt he just kept walking), and picked up the bag for the lady. anyone who wants to start shit for no reason, fuuuckkkkk yooooouuuu!!! i get that times are hard, life is hard.. but when you're picking on people who are vulnerable just because you have a shitty life or are a fucked up person, you gets no sympathy from me. you get a fuck you. & what makes me even more annoyed about the situation is that i didn't do anything, i just watched this all happen. i'm sure the situation would've changed, had the man not have stepped in, but still. these are things we shouldn't have to deal with nor be scared of. fuck you douche bag, fuck you.

THAT IS ALL! back to my zippidy doo dah mood!