Monday, November 8, 2010


or at least, it's been a gong show. literally every party i've gone to the past couple weeks has gone past 5 am.. and well, i ain't ashamed to say mother fuckers i'm tired.. we've been going hard almost every day, and although i really want to do a mixtape monday right now, i juzz don't have the thinking energy. the boyfriend was supposed to be here today, but he's not./ the nights of being myself are getting a little bit easier, but only because i know i'm getting closer to havin' cudder back in my bed.
my room is a fuckin' disaster. it's the messiest it's ever been ever. my closet, and a bar threw up. it literally just has beer bottles and make up and clothes all over the fucking place.. but i'm too busy to hit that shit up with the touch of the clean wand.. and i fully count going out as busy, cause fuck it. i can.
i am really pleased with everything right now.. events have been wonderful, friends have been wonderful, i'm getting my boyfriend back and even though i'm livin off like three hours of sleep right now, i'm in a real good fuckin' mood.
i'll try and post a mixtape tomorrow.. that is all.