Sunday, November 14, 2010


so i was able to spend three solid days with my boyfriend. we bid our goodbyes this morning, well kind of. it was more of him being like "babe, i'm going!" and me half asleep not knowing what was going on.
& although it was only three days and four nights, it was more than amazing. tell me how dude gave my dog a bath, without me asking. tell me how dude bought me cigarettes, took care of my puppies, and picked me up from work. he held paws while i trimmed nails. tell me how dude told me i was hot shit, when i am in full allergy mode. i'm on a strict no drinking rule until november 26th, and he even fully offered to go sober to make it fair. not to mention he also brought presents! these past three days have been a fuckin' god sent. they say people easily take things for granted, i will not. thank you scarborough, for absolutely everything you gave me this weekend. don't ever doubt for a second that you're appreciated!

and since it's sunday, here's what you've asked me!


Favorite alcoholic beverage besides the obvious? Lol
i have a few actually! beer, beer.. and beer. hahaha no. the two drinks i'm drinking if it's not beer, are either a vodka cran (blueberry vodka!) or a redbull vodka.
.. and if i'm feeling fancy, dirty goose martini! if i'm out with the friends for a quick convo, silver cloud (i love milk).. and for shots, yagerbombs.. i love vodka though, goose feelin loose!

Question? Has anyone ever gave you bullshit about what you post on your blog? If so, what is your outlook on this shit? (this recently happened to me, they even called me a psycho) I would love to know your response to ppl as such :p
this probably has happened, but i can't remember any specifics at this point.. i have had people ask me to delete certain entries, and i usually reply with a flat out, "no". anyone who doesn't like what i have to say, doesn't have to read it. & i'm comfortable with haters, or anyone who disagrees with me. i don't expect the whole world to love me or what i write, i'm not doing it for them. they can all go fuck themselves :)

favorite female celebrity?
i love blake lively. seriously adore!

soooo.. g'head. ASK ME ANYTHING


I Was Here said...

what did you and the bf get ingraved? :p

syntifik said...

i got paris, he got tokyo.

lawd knows you know the reference!

I Was Here said...

I sure do! That's fkn dope! Very different, not your average companion tattoos. LOVE. Red ink?

syntifik said...

no, black actually.. !
it was totally his idea. the first few months of dating in a long distance relationship, it's all we listened to..!

I Was Here said...

I really missed ya, each & every night I kissed ya in my dreams, fore I went to sleep, to la-la land to count them sheep. I swear ya lookin prettier than eva,
its gotta be a prophecy for us to stay together ever more. For better or less or poor, all worth the wait in buried treasure
x's on the shore. . .verse for you & the bf :D Tokyo <3 Paris...

syntifik said...

almost as good as when he sang it to me ;)

lupe is love.

I Was Here said...

Just watched it, I couldn't earlier bcus I was stuck in class, bloggin in class ;) Envy is running through my veins, that good good envy!

syntifik said...

haha i didn't mean to, i was just excited to share it!
i read your blog at work, don't worry, the feeling is mutual!

Anonymous said...

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