Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i'm allergic to beer. yeah. i don't really tell people that. half of that is because i don't want people telling me not to drink it, and half of it because i feel like that sounds totally fiction. it just became an "allergy" last winter, and i was pretty heart-broken when i found out. so after a few nights of heavy beer drinking, i get hives on my arms and face. it's good times. it's basically the worst thing i could ever be allergic to. my skin is damned sensitive, and beer sets it off.. but i won't stop drinking it. it's a love/hate relationship, but mostly love. i'm really not allergic to anything else, i have never been allergic to anything.. but i'm anemic, and my immune system is shot to shit. they say it's a temporary allergy to yeast (beer has too much), and that it'll go away. so by doctor's orders, i eat as much yogurt as possible to kill off yeast so my arms and face stay non-itchy. & if that's not disgusting enough for ya, i can also throw in that i haven't shaved my legs in two weeks. hahaha. sorry gentlemen, the line starts two blocks down!
i might be friends with djs, and know some people, but i never ask for vip treatment, nor to be on any vip lists. it's just not my deal. if it's ever offered, i'll take it.. but i refuse to ever become a person looking to get anything from anyone. regardless of who i know, or how many people i know, i try to stay as humble as possible. i highly believe in equality, and i also believe that if people think i deserve something, they'll give it to me without asking.. HOWEVER, i will keep my purse by the dj booth when given the shot, but that's only cuz my drunk ass is done tired of getting my shit stolen.
the main things in my life right now are: my usuals, my boyfriend, weekends, kid cudi, nerd's nothing, cigarettes, beer, and reading. i am so obsessed with the previously mentioned right now, it's ridiculous. i can't get enough of any of that shit.
i love to eat. like seriously, love. i'm always down for new foods and things i haven't had before. sometimes i get a little nervous if it's like, duck tongue or something (which btw, is mediocre), but i'll still do it. all cultures, all styles, i love to eat. take me out !
i went through a bully stage as a kid.. and not where i was bullied, but where i was the bully. it was elementary, and this girl was my best friend. we'll call the said girl, rachel.. eventually, new friends came along, and basically told me rachel was talking shit about me. even though i knew the "new friends" were lying, it was hard for me to leave this big group of friends, so i turned on rachel. i made her life a living hell. pushing her into fences, swatting books out of her hand, calling her names in the hallway.. ugh, i was horrible. i never really apologized to her.. in high school, i made an effort to talk to her, to kind of shrug off what i did, and we became acquaintances. after that one year of being a bully, i hated myself, and made it a promise to never treat anyone like shit who was un-deserving.. i eventually started talking to anyone in school, no matter what their social status. maybe not full out conversations, but a "hi" in the hallways. i still owe her an apology though.. i hope one day to man up and do it. HOWEVER, half of me is nice to people, and half of me is still that girl with "new friends". i fight between the two constantly.
i feel like you assholes don't comment enough. this isn't a one way street people! stop bitching the fuck out! i'm kidding.. kind of.
i love reading out-loud. when a teacher called on me to read a section in class, i was so fuckin' down for that shit.
the most common comment i get about myself is that i have a nice voice.. but i can't sing for shit.
i have had about ten people total, of whom i didn't know, approach me in life and mention they read my blog. the feeling never gets dull, nor does it become more of a "reality". every time that shit happens, i'm like, really?! i still think no one reads this fucking shit.

my name is botcho, and this is my blog.


Anonymous said...

i dont know what to say but i still wanted to comment. so... yeah. hi (:

and would it be weird if someone came up to you and said they recognize you from your blog and have been following you online for years? i'd be flattered but at the same time that would creep me out a bit haha.

syntifik said...

haha no it never is ! it's not as creepy as much as it is like, "really?.. seriously though, really?"/ disbelief i guess more than creepines!