Monday, December 8, 2008


he always was nothing. i just see it better now. christmas is almost here.. and it's my first REAL christmas COMPLETELY without you.. &.. i'm good:) let's go christmas, i couldn't be any more ready for ya. in other news, it is fucking cold, but i am thankful as hell for the no wind we've been having. it makes life way easier. and and.. life rocks? i have good friends and a full pack of cigarettes.. like shit. what else could i ask for?! actually.. maybe i shouldn't say that lol.. buy me shoes bitch!
i don't understand how everyone accepts so many people on facebook. like there are accounts that have absolutely nothing on them, and their name is like "no name" and they're trying to add me.. and we have like 80 friends in common. hi what's up, sorry, but i refuse to have a friends list that shows popularity. i delete people daily. on the radio it says, the more friends you have on facebook, the more likely you are to be into drugs and shit. BECAUSE, having a large amount of friends is really an addiction. people get addicted to like showing off how many friends they have. when really, half the accounts arent being used, or are people they don't know. wow.. that was one fuck of a ramble.. IN SHORT, stop adding me if you don't know me. thanks.. :)