Saturday, December 6, 2008


.. and too much snow. -35. MINUS FUCKING 35! hello winter.. spent my friday w/ my best galfriend in the whole world. went to polo, AND I WAS SO GRIMEY AND SAW EVERYONE THAT I KNOW. cried on the escalator (who knew escalators could be such downers..get it..), dropped just over 4 bills, had ourselves some shirley temples and the night was done baby. it was good. i just spent an hour trying to find the rock the bells 2009 line up.. it doesn't exist yet.. that or i didnt do a good job. i miss my boys.. HEYY LETS HANG OUT RIGHT NOW. i'm fucking cold man. i hate the mall. not just cuz it's christmas and everyone's crazy.. but cause wow.. there are a lot of douche bags in the world. so many sluts and wannabe gangsters. yo this is truth right now, gangsters don't step into aritzia, no matter how fly their girl is. & youngins are like walking footlocker ads. ME, i shop at boutiques.. limited quantity sneaks.. shout out to everyone though, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas! :)

IN OTHER NEWS.. i got referred to this vid by maribeth
and i want to yell at this man. NIKE DOES LOOK GOOD. & i have NEVER rocked nike for my fucking "homie". i stopped watching about 2 minutes in. i own one pair of creative recs, cuz a lot of the shit they throw out looks like a vomit pile of colors, dots and laces. they need a better spokesman who won't rag on other brands.. otherwise i refuse to purchase anything else from them. talking about high end, please..


Anonymous said...

Yes yes mother fucking yes.
Just say NO to Cr8tiveRecs.

syntifik said...

hahaha and blackberrys