Wednesday, December 31, 2008


my computer has been such an ass lately. BUY ME A LAPTOP..! or gimmie money.. so i can buy myself a laptop! anyways.. christmas was fucking great. not just great.. FUCKING GREAT! it kicked ass.. basically. but who wants to read bibble babble when you can just check the pics? be warned, this shall be one of the biggest picture posts in the short history of my blogspot..!! (someone teach me how to do a fucking expandable post!!)


that about sums it up! lol.. i hope everyone had a splendid holiday, and i hope you all have a kick ass new years.. SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL IS COMING TOO.. i think it involves someone turning 21 or something. in other random news.. american apparel always has sexy bboys shopping like every time i go in. mygahd. it's so great. still no one greets me, but i am so inlove w/the clothing i'm like fugg it.. ima buy shit. and it is cold.. LETS GET DRUNK! 2009 BABY!