Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My Aunt is really good at taking photos - just to let you know, she's all about capturing the moment. Here's me casually browsing market day in La Pineda. I walked here to meet my Aunt after running some errands with my Lola and got lost like five times. The joy of getting lost in a place unknown is that it usually leads you to whimsical beaches, oh and the occasional alley filled with people giving you the, "You're totes lost, aren't ya?!" look. I'm cool with it. Purchased five zillion bracelets, an anklet, some rings and a backpack. My little haul was under $40. Did you know you could get two black onyx silver rings, a silver bracelet and a gram of weed for 300 pesos ($22 CAD). I politely declined the weed and instead got an anklet. Also found a nice little coffee shop for a coffee and my absolute favorite, Limonade con poco arabe con mineral. Perla, did I spell that right?! Clearly my Spanish has become immaculate.


I Was Here said...

Almost, limonada! Off by a letter... not bad! Haha

Love reading about your trips and seeing your pretty face!!!

syntifik said...

Ugh sooo cloooseeeeee