Monday, February 15, 2016

Kanye has always been good at one thing, and that's knowing his music. His sample of the above gem in "Fade" was top notch. HE'S ALWAYS BEEN GOOD AT THAT. There's one thing he knows and that's music. Can you imagine going through this guys collection?! OROROROROROR.. can you imagine what he plays at his dinner parties?! I'd like to think it's curated heaven. Only a few people have the ability to explore music in such depth, and he's one of them.

However.. he's made better albums, and the hype surrounding this one was too high. There's no fluidity, no consistency, and how many producers were on this album?! BECAUSE IT FEELS LIKE TOO MANY. Although, it did have me laughing the whole time. His disses were kind of hilarious. He is one funny man. I'm going to listen to it again though, because I liked it, and probably need to appreciate it more. Julius told me that Pitchfork gave this album a 9/10, so who the fuck am I?! "I Love Kanye" for instance, although somewhat expected and unbelievable was kind of what he needed on this album for us to like him a little more, and also, totes made me spit out my beer from laughter. Whatta guy.


I Was Here said...

I really do love Kanye! It's a curse & a blessing to love such a talented artist with a head the size of Texas. But music is music and that's what I listen to. . . not so much him and his silly twitter rants.

PS. Lovin your new blog layout. 10/10

syntifik said...

I know you do! Hehe. Thanks B! Xoxo