Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Remember when you'd be talking to a person you were dating/crushin on, on the phone, and you're just laughing away, asking questions like, "If you had the choice to either save the world but end your life, or live on with a person you despise, what would you do?!".. and in the middle of the conversation you hear *scuffle, scuffle* *incessant dialing*. "MOM. MOM!! Hello!! MOMMMM!!! I'm on the phone!! MOM!!!!". She answers you with "Are you on the phone?!". Gawd. Yes, Mom. You messin' up my game, Mom. Hang up, Mom.

We were so lucky. Kids, today.. they'll never know what that was like.


Anonymous said...

LOL OMG... I never thought that kids won't ever have landlines I miss those days