Monday, November 24, 2008


so today i heard this girl order a green salad.. no typos there, i meant green salad.
i didn't know there were other colors.. I WANT PURPLE SALAD!

uhh.. anyways. winnipeg is going to be having some kick ass music along with some ice skating at the forks! hi. that's wicked! dj co-op & hunnicutt will be playing some dope hip hop, funk & basically good shit to rock out to on the ice. WAIT WAIT.. it gets better, it's FREE bitches!
SCHED: SUN; DEC7, 2-5PM/ SUN; DEC14, 2-5PM/ FRI; DEC 19, 6-9PM/ & SUN; DEC21, 2-5PM/
& yall wonder why i love this city so much.


Anonymous said...

boo, ur spose to skate for ur first time with me! boo, boo fucking urns. HI, have fun. and don't be scared to fall on ur ass, u got plenty of cushion to fall on. =P

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to teach you how to skate Botcho.
Well now that this event is happening, you have to strap on a pair! Don't worry I'll hold you hand! lol

syntifik said...

love you.. BOTH.