Friday, November 7, 2008


HELLO SNOW! i'm sure a lot of people are upset about the first snowfall today. i for one, am not.. because that only means CHRISTMAS IS COMING! hustle hustle hustle!$$$ uhh so i totally got nike liners for free today! from a random stranger! hi whats up, my name's awesome. im going to the symphony in like a few hours.. and im not even close to ready. ugh, save me..!!

we put on for our city.

chyeachyea! lets go lets go lets go!


Anonymous said...

The planets thing by Gustav Holst!? Did you go to that!?!

syntifik said...

uhh no.. wtf is that?! it was hits from broadway musicals!! (8)AND ALL THAT JAZZ..!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. HAHAHA. Because my prof was telling us about this show that we could've gone to. LOL.
It's a man that made music to represent the planets. Well, most of them. And the titles of the songs are about the Roman/Greek gods -- you know what, I'm gonna stop explaining haha

syntifik said...

sounds.. fun=/ lol ahahha