Thursday, November 6, 2008


so today i did something pretty gangster. i've never been really out-spoken, WAIT! BEFORE YOU THINK ANYTHING, hear me out lol.. i've never really been out-spoken, unless i felt the time and place was appropriate. well today i was out-spoken, without the time and place .. here's the story.
girl : *turns around and looks at me for like ten seconds*
botch : *looks at her w/ a 'wtf' expression*
girl (to man friend) : do you know that girl behind us?
man friend : no why
girl : she's like staring me down, but she's scared so its cool.
botch : UHHHHHHH.. excuse me?!
girl : nothing
botch : yeah i thought so! nothing. shut the fuck up. *spits on ground for effect*. ahahahha

yeah nothing went down, hate to disappoint you. but i was still kinda surprised i said it. iunno why.. i did it more for humor than anything. gal was trying to look boss in front of the man friend, fuck that, let's get comical. durka durka. bitches it is cold. i am officially wearing layers tomorrow, even more so. i don't care if i look like a marshmellow, the noise your shivering's making will cover your laughter. here here ! i love shiny toy guns, but their new album.. kinda blows. i think i'm gonna watch some kenny vs. spenny. some how seems wrong without james here.. haha. ha.

PT2? you are no longer in my good books. you're not even in my books. you cleared out kiddo, way to lose shit. and i don't feel guilty, not one bit. if i'm being "mean", fuck that, you deserve it. thats it thats all.
as for you, sometimes.. sometimes i'm just like, EWEWEW.. for instance, i just shuddered. lol. good riddance. so glad you're not in my life no more.. most days.