Wednesday, November 5, 2008


shout out to america!! i have faith this man will do good for the country, not just the country, the world. "mccain has enough apologies, but we aint hearin that, we need HONESTY!". obama has stayed humble (after getting dissed fucking daily), and he deserved the win. i'm really glad america voted him in!! cuz there were times when val and i thought he wasn't gonna take the crown. & it was nice having someone you wanted to win, win (AHH NDP!!!). we celebrated last night by lighting sparklers:)
& i recently found out obama has nas on his ipod. definitely a winner in my books!

today was a busy day.

i took this in the exchange, and well.. uhh.. what?!

went to the exchange, to do shit really. just felt like it. went to visit my gramps to get some symphony tickets.. yeah i go to the symphony. my grandpa got me into it, and some of them are really boring. i usually only say yes to the jazz shows or the christmas one, cuz i love christmas, AND christmas songs! HOWEVER.. this one will be broadway musical hits.. and call me cheesy, but musicals are like.. musicals are like, waking up at nine in the morning, when you don't have work, pulling the blanket over your face and realizing just how awesome it is to sleep in.. to me anyways. so it should be aight. anyways, after that i went downtown to eat mcdonalds. there were like three dudes chillin with guitars.. none of them knew each other, and they were just sitting on the corner of hargrave, and im there having a smoke thinking, "cmon play something and make this smoke more enjoyable..!!" and one guy does, and it was so good. but he was the ugly one, the hottie was just sittin there waiting for paint to dry or some shit. that is all.