Monday, October 20, 2008


tell me that is not the sickest stance ever.. & he has a purple lunch bag, what's not to love?!

iunno why, but i saw a lot of fucking cowboys today.
calgary in the city for football, i'm assuming.

i light up a smoke every time i enter the fucking car. shit, routine is more of an addiction than the nicotine. nic patches don't do shit for me either. must quit before 30 bitches, i just gotta. fucking nic'n out and shit, it's so annoying. you feel like a fucking baby. can't do shit! just cranky!
falafel = the bomb diggidy. you try and be the person to tell me otherwise.

am i the only girl in the world who's not diggin' hellz bellz' new shit!?
it's like they found out that everyone thought "wow this shirt has crazy shit on it!" so then they were like, "alright people like crazy shit.".. then they took copious amounts of crazy shit, and threw it on a shirt, but it's too much crazy. please don't sell out:(