Wednesday, October 29, 2008


JAZZY JEFF KILLED IT. shout out to everybody who gave me the suggestion of going. totally worth my time, and money, and life:) his mixing = RETARDED. finally, A REAL DJ !! hahahahha. no joke there, that shit is true as hell. little mainstream with some kick ass old school. wasn't down for this gay ass reggaeton, but hey, i understand the man had a crowd to please. half the people there weren't there for jazzy, so he had to pay his bills. didn't matter, his talent made up for that shit!

we fuck with hip hop, ALWAYS. (so fucking chill at this point)

you cause drama, we rock the bells. (shit son, we're almost there at this point.)

you get buzzed, we get hosed. (what's up, we're there at this point.)

worth every fucking penny.

so it was sick. as you can probably tell. slosh slosh slosh. wicked people, and mad cameos. & i didn't feel COMPLETELY out of place (cause i usually do=/ lol).. BUT IT WASNT SO BAD. my homeboys made everything they could to make me feel at ease.. and that's exactly how the night ended up being, EASY. EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING.
i finally got my halloween costume.. & i'm really excited for halloween!! it's my favorite holiday next to christmas! YUP. even before my birthday!! & everybody knows how much i love my birthday! HOWEVER.. i've been seeing a lot of g's halloween pictures.. and i have to say.. some girls, wack wack wack wack. i really hope i don't look as bad as some of these girls do. THEY TURNED MY BAT GIRL COSTUME (fr.2 years ago, thank goodness) INTO A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THAT HAS BEEN IN THE SUN FOR TOO LONG & HAS TURNED TO SHITTY DUST. honestly! YOU LOOK SO BAD! ahaha. (cheers to hoping my costume doesnt look redic!!) this drunk guy was dropping shit and trying to yell numerous slurred sentences into my ear today.. i gave him a piece of my mind! (almost.) trying to tell me i wasn't doing something right, UHM HELLO DRUNKIE, it is 1 in the afternoon and you are making a mess and scaring people!! seriously, if you're gonna be drunk, go ahead and do it. just don't cause a ruckus during the middle of the day, and don't bother people who are trying to go about their lives. uhh yeah.

p.s. your new girl = ugly. iunno why you're still on my dick.. oh thas right, she's ugly.