Saturday, March 13, 2010




for the first sneaker saturday we are gonna obviously start off with a pair of jordan's. i'll try to spread the sneaker love by talking bout dunks, air forces, sb's, blazers, and anything else sneaker related. foremost i am a jordan head first. released february 1991 for the retail of $125. inspired by an african art poster that tinker hatfield had seen in portland. has the infamous huarache technology with inside sole clinching onto your foot. not necessarily the bordeaux's themselves, but michael jordan did win his second championship wearing 7's and a special olympic colorway 7's with the 1992 dream team. pretty good year if you ask me. so your probably like blah blah blah enough with the facts.
here is the dopest fact about the bordeaux's, unofficially, they are the ONLY OG JORDAN'S NOT TO BE RETROED(yet). meaning if you ever see anybody wearing these bad boys, it means they've had these shoes since 1991, almost 19 years, the cushioning inside is 10x more comfortable then any other jordan 7 retro there making now. cus we all know when it comes to comfort and cushioning, the jordan makers don't make it like they use to back in the day. let's just pray to the jordan gods and ask that they leave this work of art alone. there is rumor that they might retro this, but i hope they don't. only cus i don't wanna see some wannabe 16 year old gangster/hypebeast wearing these in the winter thinking he's the hottest shit with 300 dollar sneaks on.
the grey is suede, the black is leather, these are my grails, i've only seen it once in my lifetime. trying to hunt them down is difficult. if you happen to have these, i can happily say i respect you as a sneaker head. till next week



Ron said...

Look at you, dropping knowledge on the masses. That retro rumor has been floating around for close to 7 years. There was that infamous picture of the sample retro but they got scrapped. A lot of athletic footwear elitest (not saying you're one) feel like retros some how devalue or taint the history of OGs. I don't really think that's the case, considering I've seen 85 AJ1s still fetch 1400 bucks or more. And older heads still can tell stories from their youth that are associated with a certain model. Now, I will agree, there are people who buy Js and have never seen the man in action or know what he did for the game. But at the same time, they really are just sneakers. I could talk about kicks all day. (I vote for air max 1s next week) ;-)

syntifik said...

haha agreed, they are just sneakers.. but at the same time, they were re-made for a reason, to bring back that feeling. & to bring back a chance for people who couldn't get them to have a shot on getting them. air max 1's will be done next week.

p.s. i think i'm a little more in love with you mister komplex.