Monday, March 29, 2010


please excuse my missed post yesterday. i wasn't home the entire day.
eat me, this is my blog.
so i know i missed sunday, i was going to get on that as soon as i get home, wash my dishes whilst listening to a mixtape, and then get on mixtape monday, but.. i fell asleep.. after drinking two redbulls and a monster java, i fell asleep. fuck fuck fuck. i'm mad that i fell asleep cause now i, a) didn't get anything i wanted to get done, b) fucked up my sleep cycle. so i'll see if i feel like doing a mixtape in a bit; if not, you're gonna have to wait til next week.. BUT i will answer the questions i got answered in this post so that this post is not a complete and total bust..!
but before that i just wanna shout out the weekend for being kind of totally outrageously aweezzzzumm.. on to it!

i'm not really sure to tell you the truth. i've loved hip hop for as long as i could remember. i think a lot of it has to do with growing up around it. i was born just in time for an epic circa of hip hop.. it just sounded good to me. i liked it from when i was a kid. my first hip hop show was when i was 16.. and that was atmosphere. it was the first concert ticket i ever purchased, and that didn't make me love hip hop, but it certainly kept me going. i started downloading music in grade 5 because it was all the rage and i think at that time for me, i just liked digging. i liked finding things that i haven't heard of because i felt as though it was mine. i had burned cds with shit that no one else had heard of, and that was something special for me. i still have my first burned cd ever.. and it has everything from eric b and rakim to ja rule to the backstreet boys.. my game certainly wasn't top notch, but i grew lol. i guess what really got me into hip hop was hip hop itself, for being so damn amazing. i just fucking liked it, and liked that literally no one that i knew did. plus my family always blazed the family vans and toyotas with some wu-tang. wu-tang'll make anyone like hip hop.

well.. i'm not really sure if you're talking about "botcho" or "syntifik", so i'll just answer for both!? "syntifik" kind of came up by a freakish accident lol.. no i'm joking. it was during a spare class i had, one of my boys and i kept on saying "scientifically speaking" for everything. like someone would say "i have to shit".. and we would follow it by "scientifically speaking". it doesn't seem that funny now, but at 13, it was some good times. also, i thought i was a little hoodrat. so "syn" to me, meant good (hense why the "5YN" is seperated by a dash, throw a five in there because all the aa kids knew it was hot shit). i was writing pretty hard at this age, and i had a website where i would post tons of shit. "scientific" in general means technique, or method.. so i dubbed my writings (even though they were shitty poems that i THOUGHT were masterpieces), good technique.. and ta da, syntifik.
now botchooooo. this started some time in elementary. my real name is french, and "botcho" is basically the butchered french version of it, if you can't say it. almost like saying "je nais c'est pas" as "jeh, nase, sest, pass". i went to a school which was previously attended to by both my older brother and sister.. so i never really had a name, i was known as their sister. i was always getting called "karen" (my sister's name).. til my basketball coach started calling me "botch", a slightly shorter version than "botcho".. my name was freakishly popular, so botch sort of just stuck. there was no confusion, when i was called, i knew i'd be the only person to turn around. it basically separated me from the pack. i like it because it's mine.. if you hear "botch" it's me, you're not gonna find another. i didn't really ask to be called it, it was just easier.. now i cling to it, just because i enjoy having something people recognize me by.. it's not that i don't like my real name, it's just what i've been known by for 10+ years, that i'm attached to it.

plenty. let's get one thing clear though, I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER lol.. that vid was for sarcastic fun. i really thoroughly enjoy weezy. i think his lyrics are the definition of wack, but dude has swag. his voice is fucken' ill. i think what you're looking more for though is britney spears. i don't own her album or none, but i respect the girl and her videos are applaudable. i certainly don't mind her.. however, the guilty pleasures should be more defined by albums owned.. so i have two. hedley, and ashley simpson.. the acoustic version of "trip" is what got me on hedley, and the lead singer has so much talent it's retarded. i don't know why they fell into the category of 12 year old girls, but i don't care.. i love them. when ashley dropped "autobiography" i jumped on it ahahha. "you make me wanna lala" was totally my clean my room jam.

thanks for the questions, i get excited when i answer them! i'll answer more shit next week, so drop a comment with your question now.. !


Maribeth said...

she wasn't home all day cause i kept hey busaaay ;)

I find it kinda weird that people still use numbers as letters in words these days?

ashley simpson? omgaaahdz i remember when you had that cd on rotation lol. L-O L-O L-O L-O-V-E!!

syntifik said...

haha thanks for doing such btw:)

numbers as letters is pretty bopper.

that l-o-v-e song isn't on that album ahahha.. BUT FUCK YEAH! i really liked her:S

jHefffffff said...

I don't wanna say it but I don't think you'll care either way. "Botch" means to fuck up in wrestling. Look it up if you haven't already. Here's one of many videos that I can watch all day laughing my ass off mainly because I WAS a wrestling it's just gay.
So don't be gay and please try and watch this lol.

Hedley = Win
bwahaha @ Ashlee Simpson

syntifik said...

botch means to fuck up period, silly. not just in wrestling.
i refuse to watch a wrestling video.. AND FUCK YEAH HEDLEY! shaddap about ashlee.. she was bomb when she first came out ok!