Thursday, March 25, 2010


just kidding!

OH DANGEROUS MINDS. you are some shit!
maribeth suggested i post this.. i guess she thinks our vid out-does coolios by five hundred trillion, i couldn't agree more.. regardless of how much the foil in my mouth made my fillings tingle.
the song was put on both the dangerous minds (horrible movie that you must see) and his album. i guess it's so ill because it samples stevie wonder.. but i just read that it was also the #1 single of 1995.. get that cake!
it's pretty rare that i hear this gem, and it's repetitive as fuck.. but it still screams special. where the fuck is coolio these days?! i heard he was on the celebrity big brother, but i never watched that shit. when i watched one episode of flava flav's reality show, i vouched to never endure on rapper reality takes. that shit is fucking wack lol. snoop dogg still pays him love, but is that enough for dude to eat?! you can only help but wonder. didn't he get arrested for coke too?! whatever it's okay! let's revert back to 1995!
criticizing yourself whilst throwing some "beware" to the youth is rarely ever something to be top of the billboards, and for that, coolio gets a spot this thursday. don't be thrown though, amish paradise is equally as good.

enjoy, bitches.


jephrey said...

next youtube star!

you guys were alright too lmao.

yea man, my 1995 grammy nominees cd never gets old. i memorized the first verse of this song when i was 7 hahaha...showing off to my grade 2 buddies.

syntifik said...

95 grammy cd?! what else is on it!?
lol @ grade 2.. that's fucking awesome. did you even know what a gangster was?! lol

you're going to be the next youtube star, with jamie ;)