Saturday, March 20, 2010


cuz ron requested it, he gets what he wants. air max 95 obviously released in 1995, revolutionized the air bubble technology by putting two different pressures in the heel and forefoot. kinda like walking on air right?! yup but we get deeper. previous air max's got a couple colorways released with the original model. nike did the opposite with the 95's, by throwing out various colorways for you to enjoy and collect (wink wink). cuz we all know joggers/runners love to wear anything funky and comfy from head to toe. this shoe didn't just connect to people who ran, they were a comfy shoe, isn't that what we all just want? rappers and grandmas wore them, let's just get united by one shoe. the front and back of the shoe have 3M material on it, meaning if you happen to go jogging at night in these and a cars' light happens to flash your way, the reflective material will reflect/shine your way to get your attention. nike's got your back, literally.
let's talk about why this shoe is still even relevant?! THE COLORWAY IS DOPE!!! going from the the dark grey till shades of light grey and making your shoe stand out with the neon yellow?! STFU! yellow air bubble too??!! comfy, air bubbles, light, 3M material. so these shoes were suppose to have come and gone, and cemented in history. tillllllll . . . nike had to get greedy and get their retro game on. at first it was cool, 2002, you kept it as close as possible to the original. but c'mon 2003, 2004, 2005. you guys really had to retro this piece of art 4 years in a row. yeah the sneaker heads got angry but what really pissed them off was the 2008 edition. the dark grey was black! the shading was off, and the cushioning and materials weren't the same?! WTF! nike is getting lazy with it. but it did make us appreciate the OG's and 2002 and maybe the 2003 edition a little better.

til next week, thinking about doing the AJKO's but gimme suggestions and i'll be sure to hold it down.


Ryan said...

You're just talking about this now? I got these 2 years ago lol.
It's Ryan by the way. Too lazy to sign in.

syntifik said...

didn't you read my last bit? you got those 2008 knock off versions. somebody's gotta hit you with the realness!

Ron said...

I feel so special.

I have never owned a pair of neons and I probably won't. The subtle tone changes have definitely diminished the "ill" factor of the shoe. I sold all of my 95s but one. I'll never sell my Stashes. Never ever ever. And I think the reasoning behind Nike flooding the market with retros is to combat bootlegging, which I understand. Did you know that this shoes was partially inspired by the human skeleton?

syntifik said...

of course!