Wednesday, March 31, 2010


some days i really love wednesdays.. you get that fuck yeah it's almost the weekend.. some times the day goes fucking shitty as fuck. time is slow and your eyes wanna shut down.. today was fucking beautiful. the weather was bomb.. and i went to the mall. i'm not a mall person, i hate the mall and everybody in it.. you'll probably see me in a mall at a maximum of like 4 times a year.. and that's a generous four.. i didn't hate today though.. i had a good day with my cousin and came home happy and ready to lay down in my bed.. but even with that, i still gotta say what's wack..


CIGARETTE TAX TELL ME HOW A PACK OF BELMONTS COST ME $14. wtf is that shit!? i was aware that cigarette tax was going up 50 cents.. but i didn't realize it would hurt me that bad til i actually had to buy a pack. i is getting robbed. cigarettes in the states are like $3. we need to get on that shit. damn this free health care. damn ittttt..

SPRING NO BREAK spring break without the break cause you just end up working more. getting a bigger paycheque will be so dope.. but yooo.. OH WAIT! FRIDAY IS GOOD FRIDAY!! so tomorrow is actually my friday.. so technically speaking.. it's thursday! shit son.. maybe this isn't so bad afterall.. OH WAIT! i found a way to complain about it.. friday is a holiday, and it's a part of spring break?! that's cheating.

BREAK-UP SEASON i swear to life, late march, early april.. totally break up season. this isn't really wack, but what is wack is hurting people. i don't know what the fuck is up with spring, but it makes people fucking crazy. people tend to do such fucked up shit, and THAT is wack. spring is fucking shit for making people psychotic bitch azz cunt fucked dyke lookin pricked assholes.. i some how need to find a way to turn spring into capsules.. and then sell it. i will be the richest drug lord to ever have lived!!

WU-TANG YES. wu tang on what's wack wednesdays..! for being sold out everywhere i go! WHAT THE FUCK! i want the massacre. WINNIPEG DOESNT EVEN LIKE HIP HOP ONLY I DO! stop trying to steal it winnipeg! you fuckers! ..okay sigh. i'm glad the album is being purchased, they deserves the penny.. BUT FUCK! can you guys wait to buy your copy til i get mine!? cool thaaanks.

SLOW FUCKS BECAUSE THEY'RE DUMB today i went to get bubble tea in the boonies. it was the boonies, so there was literally no one in the fucking place.. and girl took for-fucking-ever to make my shit. LOOK LITTLE GIRL, there is no time to be fucking dilly dally'ing.. i fucking want my shit! i have things to not do, and people to not see, so make me my drank and be on with your life..!! when i walked in stupid hoe was fucking reading a magazine while a table was covered with cups and napkins. get off your ass you dumb bitch! don't worry people, i left my blog open in their little "cyber area" so hopefully she'll read this.. i could've written a fuckin entry waiting that long. hahah.. she totally said "thanks for coming" so nicely when i was leaving too.. LOL im such an asshole. you stupid mothah suckah!!

HAIR CONDITIONER i'm not sure if i'm the only person who has this problem, but i ALWAYS, ALWAYS, run out of conditioner before shampoo.. shit fucking baffles me! am i supposed to use less?! i feel like i use less.. i make a pretty reasonable ration.. and it sucks not having conditioner.. shampoo is not the same without conditioner! and DO NOT even get me STARTED about 2 in 1.. ugggghhhh!! one day however, i noticed this.. the conditioner bottles are always less of an amount than the shampoo.. DAMN YOU SNEAKY BASTARDS.. except for pantene pro-v, which actually has more conditioner in their bottles than shampoo.. but i still ran out of the shampoo first.. ramble ramble izz what i doooo..

B'S MOM: so you weren't at work today, did you get a doctor's note?
B: yeahhhhhh..
B'S MOM: well.. where is it?
B: it's in my car.
B'S MOM: you didn't go!
B: yeahhhh.....i didn't (dammit).

your weakest moments are your strongest emotions.. some times you gotta drop kick life in the face, get up and say "fuck it, i'm fucking awesome". dude, you're fucking awesome, and it's almost the fucking weekend.. so let's drop kick the weekend in the fucking face. i love you bitch, and anyone that does, will treat you fucking awesome.. and to anyone that doesn't.. well.. we'll nickname them life.


Anonymous said...

i think my favorite posts from you are on wednesday. even if it's just you complaining about life. it is safe to say that your complaints make my day. how weird is that?!

and wow, i didn't really know that spring was break-up season! but now that i think about it... that could be true. i feel like i am possibly gonna break up with someone sometime soon. DAMN YOU, SPRING. for making me do crazy things.

hmm. this is totally random but... i think you would be so bomb at giving relationship advice. because you give it how it is. and not how people wanna hear it.

jHefffffffff said...

I already started making spring capsules. I'm sorry.

Break-up season? I think a lot of people are just influenced by the whole "Spring Break Girls Gone Wild WOOHOO!", and they're just looking for that type of escape.

Haha they're gonna blacklist you from Bubble tea shops around the world. That'd be sooo funny.

Eugh, hair conditioner....tell me about it.

syntifik said...

#1: thank you!! spring is break up season.. i don't know why or how but it just is.. when thinking about breaking up with someone, if the thought is legit, just do it. lol. sorry to the broad who gets dumped.
im not so sure i'm as learned as i would like to be to give out relationship advice.. i'm a horrible girlfriend lol.

jheff: ASS.
sounds like good reasoning.. whatever the case, it's crazy.
well if they blacklist me, you're just going to have to pick me up bubbletea when i need it!!
haha you condition?! A BOY WHO CONDITIONS?!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Bianca and i am a victim of the break up season. you know LOVE YA!! thanks for everything! and Im pretty sure im ready to dropkick this spring in the face and bring on the summer bitches!

Men are Pigs


syntifik said...

it's okay bianca, you're my partner in crime.. and thazz the only person you need!!
i love you too..!! tuesday, we shall rage.

Maribeth said...

who is that girl in picture and how can i meet her? lol

beeePod said...

I haven't had a break since... two years ago maybe. School and work. But without them, I'd be so bored out of my freeeeakin mind. My last break was two summers ago!!! Holy shit. :S

Spring... is totally breakup season. I'm pretty sure we broke up in the spring. It was in June. Yeah, that's still spring, isn't it? I think so. Whatever, it qualifies.

Slow fucks... I assumed you were gonna talk about slow walkers. They bug me a loooot. Downtowners aren't supposed to walk like fuckin turtles. Wtf.