Friday, March 26, 2010



so on this particular night, my camera was way dead.. so i asked scarborough to bring his.. no problem he says.. but once we reach, and i turn on his camera, HE FORGOT TO PUT IN THE BATTERY lol.. so i took pictures on my berry. if only jason au was around!! i wasn't even in a drinking kind of mood.. but that means nothing.. you some how always end up getting smashed anyways?

our best pictures are always blurry:(


24 hour.

they're excited.

flip cup

cute-sie pootsie.

one day i will get a picture with you roger.. one day..

this is my friend. her name is jessica. say hello!


china was cold so i made her comfy!


i think kelly stayed a total of five seconds.

i have good looking friends

jono advertises well.

rats. i missed.

something's not right.

jay & freddie.

my favorite picture of roger, ever.

this comes up second.

botch: "OMG MARTI IM SO HUNGRY! i'm gonna go cook something!"
marti: "ahahah okay"
botch: "oh.. i.. i.. i see."

"because i'm fresh"


puking is only a part of the processs ..


i don't know why this is so big.. but this is craig!

see?! i dunno! ahah


goodnight pretty!

everybodeh's doinn it!


okay maybe some lied.

alex is still at work.. i is so bored without him. i want him to come home with treats.. but i know he won't. ahahaha. i'm just craving. DAMN THESE SWEET CRAVINGS! what is wrong with me! what i wouldn't give for a fucking box full of goodies right now! nomnom motherfucker.
i need to stop talking about food and talking more about how i'm gonna work out. i feel if i talk about things more, i do them more... actually.. if that's the case.. i should talk about being rich. hey.
bianca tried to get me to purchase a public enemy cd, but i already had that shit.. then i found out public enemy is coming here. yeah, shit like that happens to me alls the time.. but that's not the point, the point is that.. that news is exciting.
we also went to shout today, WOWZERS. it is so fucking nice in there now. that has to be the best looking boutique in the fucking city. i need to google their decorator.
today was so fucking crazy! i'm just amped it's the weekend.. as you can tell by the random spurts of energy via text on a blog. this week had to be the longest week for march, for me anyway.. i am so stoked that march is nearly over as is the week~!! i don't know what i'm doing, or who i'm gonna see, or if i'll do anything at all, but it doesn't really matter because it's friday!!! all i ask for this weekend is for superkid ice cream.. and maybe some jeans because all mine have holes in them. fuck i'm a bum. holy mother fucking cock bitch slut, do i love weekends!!!!


Anonymous said...

I STILL haven't had superkid ice cream.

- Jaja

syntifik said...

you're not allowed to try it without me around!!

Tyrone The Terrible said...

superkid, second only to rainbow and cookie dough. real talk!

syntifik said...

isn't rainbow the same as superkid?!
i only like cookie dough when it has huge chunks..
and superkid is forever number one for me, but tied with peanut butter.

Tyrone The Terrible said...

that's what I thought too until I realized they're both very different in terms of taste.......yeah, I'm an ice cream nerd *no pharrell*

anything with peanut butter is the shit.

syntifik said...

really!?!!! where do i get this rainbow ice cream you speak of?! i must review it! lol.
co sign on the peanut butter. i loooveee peanut butter.

Tyrone The Terrible said...

Well, u can possibly get it at Sobeys or Superstore, but i'm not 100% sure.
but if you ever go to Foody Goody or Buffet Square, they always have it there....sometimes the only reason I go there...
And u can also find it at pretty much any privately owned ice cream place in the city.
Def tell me what you think of it haha and if you don't like it, just add it to the list in Wack Wednesdays....loll

btw, if Reese's ever released their own peanut butter, we'd be living in a damn-near perfect world

syntifik said...

hahaha i'll try and do that sometime this week just because that's too funny.

WHAT IS WITH REESE'S?! that peanut butter is crack! seriously though, i think they really put crack in it.

i have the magic bullet, and i am a big fan of making peanut butter shakes.

god. i'm fat. ahhaha

Tyrone The Terrible said...

Shit, your magic bullet still works?!?
Mine broke within the first week of having it, trying to make a PEANUT BUTTER SHAKE of all things!!!!!

Ever try pirate cookies? (those oatmeal cookies with peanut butter in the middle) Now THAT, is fucking CRACK.

syntifik said...

fuck yeah that shit still works, i think i might cry if that shit was ever stolen from me.

AND HOLY FUCK! i started typing extra hard when i read "pirate cookies" before i calmed myself down. my favorite peanut butter cookies EVER. i buy these with every chance i get.. they're good even without milk! but if you let that shit soak in milk for a bit, the way that shit crumbles.. oh dear god. makes me wanna have pirate peanut butter cookie babies.

Tyrone The Terrible said...

SHIT that's what I does! the thing crumbles like a beige cloud from heaven.

OK I think we have to end this peanut butter talk, I've already had multiple foodgasms during this convo, i dunno bout you.

syntifik said...

ha! end.