Wednesday, March 10, 2010


SOOOOOOOOOOO.. what's up?! i'm slowly getting better so that's exciting. i know i usually say i'm gonna blog about something, and then i end up not blogging about it.. but i've been listening to ayomari for the day.. the pb&j solution. i usually grab music and put it on my phone, cuz i use my berry as my ipod lol.. and even though i downloaded this a month ago, i haven't listened to it yet. i'm kind of like that with music.. i grab it right when it drops, but i wait a few months before i listen to it. lyrical ability is definitely up to par.. not only that but it's witty. i'm only about four tracks in, but i haven't skipped nothing yet which is a good sign. i went ahead and put it on my music player, so enjoy.. my so called twenties is comical.. and completely true. this isn't really a review as oppose to a mini review. i'm still sick though so i'm gonna rest some more. and when i check reality it's really my text messages..