Monday, March 1, 2010



..but if, and only if, you get lost between god and a shot of scotch.
1. if you ever debate me on something i'm passionate about, i will put forth my best effort to destroy you.

2. i hate to admit i'm wrong, so don't expect it. i just don't have it in me man. no likes to do it, but i hate it. i'm too opinionated.

3. i'm rude and say shit that will offend you. until i learn not to say such, you just gotta try and learn to handle "this girl's mouth is a deadly weapon".

4. i believe most sneaker and hip hop heads are posers. it takes a lot for me to believe you really dig that shit, so keep trying.. and posing with photoshopped kaws hands in your pic isn't what i mean by trying. that's posers. real heads don't try, they just are.

5. most of my life lessons come from calendars, quotes in emails, and weekends.

6. this weekend i learned to handle things with calmness and strategy, keep better paws on my mobile, and why girls hate me so much.

7. i think that is best to learn things when you feel them. caught this life lesson this weekend.

8. if you want to move forward in life, do it yourself. help from others can only get you so far. fuck people, do you.

9. i used to be so skinny girls would call me "skinny bitch". ohhhh howww things have changed and haven't. i used to hate my body cause i was too skinny, now i hate it cuz i'm too thick. help.

10. i can't seem to balance my work load with my life load, ever. 22 years later you would've thought i'd have a handle on this shit but i so don't.

11. if you can't take the heat, get the fuck outta the cot damn kitchen.

12. people will try and friend you to get further. learn to know the difference.

13. it's taken me a long time to be less rude to people. i am officially semi-polite to even the vast amount of people i hate.. and i find the only reason why i'm doing so, is so that i'm remembered as a decent person, and not a complete fucking prick.

14. no time to be sad when you're drinking beers in a room full of crowded people chanting hip hop lines.

15. wannabe sneakerheads are usually fuckers. if you say something smarter than them, they look down on you but they keep their mouth shut cuz they have nothing to say. learn to enjoy that silence, because this weekend was one of the best silences i've ever induced. raging bulls don't make you proper son, and i certainly wouldn't mind spitting on them, it's not always the sneakers you're rocking but the attitude that's in them.

16. i can talk however the fuck i wanna talk. if people think they're better than you because you're not like them, fuck em. be whoever the fuck you wanna be, and if people don't praise that, it ain't your shit. i will never ever change for anybody, and if i hear people whispering something about me, i will not sit there and get eaten. i will call that person out. usually said person is like every other douche bag, and only said such because they're threatened by your dopeness. (if i offended you, you offended me this weekend, and i will not sit for that shit.)

17. i could give a fuck if what i'm doing now doesn't get me into your good books. all i want in this moment of my life, is to have fun, grow, and be botcho doing it.

18. i aim to be a good friend, a good sister, daughter, and girlfriend and when i fall, i get back up. if those things aren't showing well enough, i appreciate you telling me.. but TELL me. don't talk about me behind my back. don't shout shit three days later. TELL me. i'm not always good with taking the criticism, but i promise i'll hear it.. i might be upset at the moment, but i remember and i do try to work on it.

19. i fucking hate wack ass cunt smellin snatch nasty prissy little hoes. i hate it even more when these cunts have the wackness to say how much they hate prissy little hoes. bitch you are what you're hating!

20. where the fuck is summer?! what i wouldn't give to sit on the side walk and get faded.

21. you're allowed to love canada when the olympics aren't going on. go for it, love canada, you can do it.

22. wale review is fucking coming, i swear.

23. i'm more excited for beatnuts than i am clipse.

24. i miss nala.

25. i don't want to talk to you ever, ever again. please stand the fuck up and get out of my life.

happy mother fucking march bitches. i'm not as bitter as i sound. new layout comin as soon as my ass aint so fucking power-driven to the ground.
thanks for reading my blog, i love you. 100.