Friday, February 26, 2010


so before i post the wale review, i wanted to talk about the whole churchill incident.. i've been following the "teachers lap dance" news story for quite some time, and i wanted to bring it up cause it's getting pretty big.. it'll be on TMZ tonight..!! YES WINNIPEG ON TMZ! lol

ANYWAYS.. basically what happened if you don't know, is two teachers at a winnipeg high school were competing in a "dance off" for a pep rally. a male, and a female. the woman was dressed like a cheerleader, the dude like a football player, and they basically got a little carried away.. here's the vid.

so everyone basically blew up, particularly, bringing up how the dude simulated "oral sex".. and a lot of people are saying both parties should be fired.. they're currently suspended, with pay.

my view is this, first off.. the video was posted as "two teachers, one chair".. which is titled so to refer to "two girls, one cup" and in the "two girls, one cup" video, it has two porn broads eating each other out, and then eating poop. yeah gross.. but that's how the name "two teachers, one chair" came up. so with that being said, the student who posted the video, has obviously seen much worse. i didn't go to churchill, but i attended high school and i had amazing bonds with all my teachers. during my talent show, one of the staff members performed "gangsta's paradise" while another performed "party and bull shit" by biggie.. and if that was put on video, we might get the same reaction. sure it's not sexual, but it's not exactly perfectly professional.. but it didn't influence me either, i didn't think any less of my teachers, or any less of my school, or any less of my education.
the teachers may have gotten carried away, but they didn't do anything that a kid in high school hasn't already seen or is going to see when they turn the tv on.

a new video was recently posted of much better quality.. and in that video, all the kids are raving and hollering.. because what?! it's a pep rally! they found it funny, and entertaining. no one is seen stopping the pair, so did it really seem that inappropriate at the time?! THESE ARE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS, not no fuckin kindergarten class.. and if it was, it'd be a different story.. but HIGH SCHOOL KIDS?! are you kidding me?! you know what kinda shit i knew when i was in high school?! in grade eight kids was runnin their mouth about who made out with who and in grade ten i knew who wasn't a virgin anymore.. that shit ain't perfect, but it's real.

they're young teachers, and they teach young adults. relating with these kids, you become as much of their friend as their mentor (at least that's how i felt in high school).. and shit, they forgot. they forgot they weren't amongst only their friends, but their students. firing them is over-exaggerating. they've been humiliated enough and once they get back to school, them kids won't let em' live it down for awhile, and i think that's punishment enough.. everyone's trippin, and if there wasn't a vid, i don't think either teachers would've been suspended.

media influence is making people think this is worse than it is. go through your kids text messages, i'm sure there's way worse shit in there.


Anonymous said...

I tottaly agree.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Anonyboss said...

i wonder what the guy who posted the video was thinking. or how he's feeling now. he obviously didnt want the teachers to get in trouble because no student in the history of all students is that much of an asshole towards teachers - fun teachers at that. I loved it when teachers tried to bond with us and "act" like us. Have I ever seen teachers lapdance before? nope. stupid Guy Teacher had to "go down" on girl teacher who probably didnt expect that.

Lots of bad decisions made that day...they'll have to deal with it. At least they can go to sleep every night realizing they could be in Haiti status right now.

Fired? Suspended? Embarrassed? least they have homes and families and so forth...

As far as the media is concerned, you simply can't beat them. They KNOW they have better things to focus on and expose, but they'll choose to milk every little incident for what theyre worth. Go figure. and Go Canada!

syntifik said...

#1: thanks

#2: i think the kid who posted probably didnt even see it as wrong til the media got a hold of it.
canada = gold.. and that's that.