Thursday, February 4, 2010


i've never been a fan of valentine's day.. because all of my past ones have been pretty shitty. however, valentine's day is my current boyfriend's birthday, and considering the past few celebrations of 2010, and the holiday season have both been brutal.. i'm excited to see how the 14th turns out. we shouldn't have a "day" to show someone we care.. and that is why i'm thankful that today, i have an amazing dude in my life.

i found this note on my bed today. scarborough and i have been having the illest arguments lately.. and by that, i mean a thorough conversation.. "yo this bugs me, can you fix it?!" "yeah babe sure." and then what?! after days of yelling, we was still doing the same shit to irritate eachother.. and after one decent night of talking, he's starting to listen to me. illest on the block. fucking sick.

i'm fucking lucky.


Anonymous said...

Fucking cute.

syntifik said...

idn't it?

Anonymous said...

Awwww, Alex!
Hi, Botch. I'm in class right now, listening to shit about birds and dinosaurs LOL.
I just pinned you too. I'm fuckin tired. There's this dude in my class who won't shut up. I haaate those. Like shut up, noone caaares, get on with iiiit!!!

Some girls have no shame. Grody bitches. I'm not making sense. I'm writing what comes to mind without explanations.
I wanna go skating. I don't own skates nor do I know how to skate.
I'm typing this shit up with my berry. Awezum.
I wanna watch a vampire movie.

I'm so boooored!!!!

- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

boner class blows.
i'm so freakin' bored and tired right now.
shameless bitches never win.
we can go skating, alex is dying to go.. i went skating for the first time ever last year, so don't worry. we're pretty much in the same boat.

i don't care for vampires, zombies always.
what are you doing tonight?!

Anonymous said...

Agreed!! & Can I come skating too?? I am visiting soon..

- banet

syntifik said...

SURE! we'll all go skating together!!