Monday, February 15, 2010


who knew a day of no school and work could make you so tired!?? i went out for lunch with my mom, then i came home.. i cleaned my cat's litter box, cleaned that area, washed my dog's bedding, mopped my kitchen and laundry room, did the dishes *takes breath* ANDDD i also had time to throw out 6 bags of garbage. hahaha.. 6 bags of worthless junk to say peace to. i'm now about to grab myself starbucks.. bitches what do you know about that chai latte.. then i'm gonna watch valentine's day. my hair is so wack right now.. i need a haircut.. living without your parents is so tiring. if you live with your parents, STAY. stay as long as you can!! cooking meals and cleaning is lame. work and school in between is bull shit. my mom blatantly stated she doesn't want me taking journalism anymore. i vouched to take something in the medical field to get my money up as long as i'm allowed to take journalism afterward. which i guess is fine.. what's wrong with more school!? "being a writer at first is hard, you're not going to make that much money." but mom my writings have been viewed 30,000 times, does that count for something?! it's whatever, i see her view. she wants me to have a back up..
i myself have never wanted a back up nor thought about a back up.. but she convinced me. it's the smarter way to go about things.. i'm not saying goodbye to the dream, i'm saying hold on for a second.. lemme get my money up and then i'm heading straight to building up my portfolio.. anyone interested in a freelance writer who cusses a lot?! get at me.


kanJay Chedda said...

back up plan? if you have no back up plan you have nothing to fall back upon. it makes you work harder for what you want in the first place, and you're forced to go after your dream. Nothing worth having comes without struggle.

Anonymous said...

haha yea mother knows best. Just think of all the olympians right now. They spend 4 years training and most of them lose. then what? that being said, keep your eyes on the prize!

syntifik said...

two valid points.. i hate decisions

Maribeth said...

valentine's day is a good a time! its better than most RomComs these days.

why something in the medical field? i say pick a back up plan that could go well with a career in journalism.

Amber's sister worked hard and finished something in journalism and now people are fighting for her to work for their company. There is demand for journalists... just as long as their good writers, And you a great writer Botch.

Your mom is right. You should have a back up. But I disagree that you shouldn't take it anymore.