Thursday, February 18, 2010


well.. kinda. i'm going to fully document (picture-wise) life through out the next seven days. starting tomorrow, so friday to friday. i realized looking through old blog posts, how much my days have changed, and it was nice looking back.. plus yall can't possibly know me enough.. let's get to steppin. i'll try and make each post every day.. but if not, i'll post the following day.. i mean it's the weekend, we're probably gonna get buck wild and shit.. but yo, with birthdays, good music, edmonton to winnipeg, and wale this week.. you're in for a fucking treat. i'll take 20 pics per day, that's my word. 20. if i'm under, i'll make up for it with more pics the following day. cool?!
til then, i added some new songs to the playlist.. i'm in a hard hitting kind of mood today.. doesn't it just make you wanna throw some sexy ass lip stick on, punch somebody in the face then put a cigarette out hard on the cement?! yeah i thought so.. enjoy that shit.. i know there's some random hip hop shit like mc lyte in there, but i'm just fucking random like that. i'm so excited that tomorrow is friday you have no idea. this week was brutal.. my moods were fucking wackness and the work load was un-ending. i plan to go to class on monday and i work all week, so it's mandatory we go fucking crazy this weekend. i'm ready to let the work load off with a beer or two .. or five. i try not to strangle people and tend to try and release my madness with screaming at the top of my lungs in crowded areas. so come out, it's bound to be fucking awesome. rage. fucking rage. i haven't been out in awhile so fuck it.. let's spill some beer on some sluts!

see you tomorrow you stupid mutha suckahs.


Anonymous said...

i've been waiting for a series!!! i'm excited for this one, it's nice to see you back on the blog tip. toronto misses you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Botcho you're so fucking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Can I be in some of them?!

syntifik said...

#1: haha toronto is forever.

#2: No.

#3: HA! thank you! i've been working on it for a hot minute.

#4: absolutely.