Tuesday, February 9, 2010


today bianca and i went to get our eyebrows did. that was the plan.. get our eyebrows did, go home.. that is not how the day went.

we ended up doing that, then we went to value village.. bianca picked up some swag.. some sick swag.. then we bought valentine shit.. and raekwon tickets.. sorry bianca, i refuse to let you miss raekwon >=) my bank account is officially in the negative balance zone.. but at least my boyfriend has SOMETHING to open on valentine's day, and we get to wutang the fuck up tomorrow. i love hip hop, friend time and the boyfriend equally.. so fucka bank account, life is good.

i've been thinking about cutting up my credit card. thinking hard.. but not following through. i finally finished the top of that shelf in my room, and it is organized. ok, so i didn't fully throw away all my grade school belongings, but hey i'm a future writer.. the books i wrote when i was seven might come in handy as inspiration one day.

life is over-booked and so is the schedule. i come home sore and tired as fuck.

i'm feeling hella thick lately.. i would loves a massage and some gym time but i keep making up excuses.. ima just call it insulation til winter's over to make me feel better.

i'm feenin for another chat roulette party.

i havent been up to par with the bloggin tip, my bad.

i dunno why exboyfriends keep on steppin into my life, but bitches keep steppin. i don't need you no more.

i want to cancel the insurance on my credit card, but i'm too friggin pansy to call them. FUCK YOU VISA.

five dollars in my pocket and i claim to be ballin.

whatevs, ima throw up a "w" anyway.. WU, TANG.. whilst throwing that up, ima throw my brother some dap.

manananggal $250
DONE WITH ACRYLIC, get your filipino art game up!


Anonymous said...

SO I googled manananggals the other day, and I totally remembered this picture. Then that led to clicking on other Filipino monsters -_-". Wikipedia is such a good time waster.

- Bonibelle :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to step in. I miss you.
I don't deserve you...but I miss you.

syntifik said...

boner: done and done! know any interested buyers?! haha.

fucker: yeah whatevs i dont even know what to say anymore.. oh no wait, i do.. fuck you.

Anonymous said...

I would honestly want art from your brother..but maybe not something as intense as this cause i know this will give me nightmares botch

- banet

syntifik said...