Friday, March 5, 2010


i'm so fricken sick right now.. it's not even funny. i am coughin up shit you should only see in alien war movies. i'm gross and no matter how many times i shower or brush my teeth i still feel gross. i'm tryna over-dose on all medications to get my ass in gear for the clipse tonight so do me a favor and send ur good graces. my mom is dope enough to come over and cook for me and do my dishes cuz i can't bloody move. & my boyfriend has been grabbin my glasses of juice while i puke my guts out.. not to mention bowls of chicken soup to ease the soul. dope life.. minus the being sick.. it fucking blows.. i'm sittin here in my pajamas with a fever hot as a bitch, and i can't really talk, but typing's no issue, so let's get to a wale review please?
some of these will be different sizes because some are mine, some are aggie's, and some silas'.. enjoy.

i know it's hard to see, but that's wale like half an hour before his show, on his laptop.. twitterin about how badly he wants to get with me..!

currently my favorite winnipeg dj.

hi lady:)

behind me

in front of me.. but what was on his feet?!

air max 95's....with a 360.


"BUHH." hahah.

i know we're all about the scarf.. i was too.

like fuck i need that scarf in my life!!

and the goodfoot fitted! goodfoot fitted too dope!


i don't really care for the lebrons, but my boyfriend dug em.

the things i do to get these pics, you have no idea.

bianca so cute.

then he took off his jacket, and dear god. I WANT YOUR SWEATER.

my boyfriend shook his head at me when i took this pic, i shrugged innocently and said "what?"

and there you have it folks, the wale ensemble.

oh yah he performed good too.


this guy had to be arguably the worst hype man on the planet.

freddie should be hype man. he's ten times coolah.

this was my failed bum pic.

hype man's burberry boots.. don't do it for me.

goodnight wale;)

so he had like an hour long set. he opened up with "mama told me" which was proper.. he performed pretty much all of attention deficit.. but he didn't do much mixtape stuff.. he did nike boots which was cool.. but i was really hoping for more from back to the feature and paint a picture. his hype man in the burberry boots just danced on stage the whole time, but wale did his thing. he was energized from beginning to end.. although one thing that bothered me was what was with him onhis blackberry half the night?! literally during choruses, or breaks where he didn't have to rap, he was bbm'ing~!!! LIKE WALE! i know, im addicted to my berry too, but can you put your phone down just for the show?! it makes me as a fan feel less appreciated.
crowd was lamers. hoes were proper.. full on ugly broads decked out in their underwears. few too many hypebeasts who think they're the fucking shit.. little do they know botch can see them mouthing to songs wrong. if you don't know the words, just vibe, don't open your mouth to pretend fake the words, i can see you. you're embarrassing yourself. everyone was whylin to the lady gaga single. lame. lamest song ever.. but when he did 90210, i was in complete awe.
there was one point where he had a karaoke segment and he got the crowd to sing to house of pain's jump around, with king of leon's use somebody to follow.. which was pretty fun. wale did GREAT.. but only when he was performing. he gave 100% when he did.. but i've been to shows where the artist vibes with the crowd before shows instead of being on a laptop and on their berry. i'm not hating, i'm just saying that's valuable wale time we could've had but missed out on. no regrets, he did a really good show. 9/10