Tuesday, March 9, 2010


still botch?! still?! i know! can i catch some good health in this mother fucker?! beatnuts, del the funkee homosapien, pharaoh monche, slaughterhouse shows coming up.. and can i catch a break?! my exboyfriend ryan got at me for attending clipse and wale. he is the only hip hop head i've dated aside from my current boyfriend.. biggie heads (god rest his soul rest in peace kid.) don't count as hip hop heads.. anyway, he was on my jock because his claim is that wale and clipse are wack. i can understand the clipse, they're no lyrical masterminds, but ryan! WALE?! wale has some crazy wordplay, and his mixtapes are consistent. so ryan asked me to prove myself, and i agreed. BUT.. now that i'm here, typing this.. i refuse to. we dated for four months ryan, and we've known each other for what?! like 7 years now?! i think you should trust that i don't listen to garbage!! he even had the nerve to say don't google shit! HEY RYAN HEY! we've had our firm debates since the age of fourteen.. and you 18 lol (remember briefing each other on blueprint.. of whom, i MET:).. and i would like to say this, if you gave me your ipod for the day, i'm sure i could find some things in there you would be ashamed of. i'm not ashamed of what i listen to, i let everyone in on the knowing, and for that, i feel i deserve a little respect.. son.
the ex-boyfriend versus the ex-girlfriend saga, begins!!!!!!!!