Tuesday, March 23, 2010


so i totally wasn't going to blog today, but scarborough is making me! so i tried logging into my "poll" website, but it's not working!? so how we gonna handle choose-days!? well.. i guess you're gonna have to write comments!!.. i.. hope.. this.. goes well.
so i have a million things to blog about since stopping regular blogging.. but my mind's blank. i really need to write things down otherwise.. they.. just go.
school's calling my name but i'm like fuck you school! work's asking me to stay late and i'm like fuck you work! how am i supposed to get paid and educated when i just want to eat candy and listen to rap!? i am such a faaaiiluuureee.
i can't seem to fucking find time to take a fucking shower, it is sad. i dunno when my schedule became "have to do stuff". i remember when it was all "do nothing" and shit. fuckin drink beer in my garage and shit, go to the beach, hit the gym, hang out with my dogs, buy some rap. now its all lame and shit. i havent bought music in like a month or some shit. i used to buy weekly. is "used to" even proper grammar?! i can't remember! where has my mind gone!! okay april, it's just me and you baby. i know i keep saying i'ma organize my life, but forreal! this time i mean it!
i need something to blog about for sunday, so ask me sumppppthinn.
my boyfriend finally sees eye to eye on nicki minaj now. he was totally diggin her, then he saw her on mtv spring break.. boo ya she's wack babeh. i told ya son! all it took was some real live microphone without 500 takes and crap production to prove it!
i miss living with my brother, i am a broke ass with no food in my fridge.. living on your own fucking bloooowwwsssss when it comes to times like these. i'm working to try and fill my bank when i can't even fill my fridge.
if i see any more hiphop news headlines about waka flocka, i will cry. i have not fully listened to a waka flocka song, nor do i intend to. with a name like waka flocka, it's a wrap.
i is having major problems with my blackberry.. I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. i think once my contract's done, i'm done with the berry. i used to love it, but it's pissing me off.. and i'm sick of people being able to see when i read their messages.. dammit. some things should just be kept secret! i feel like an asshole if i don't reply but i don't want to reply so i just leave it unread .. and that red light just teases you.. i have gone too far into this.. moving on.
i have eaten a reeces pieces every day for one week now. GOODNESS. get your chocolate fix fatty. anyone who knows me knows i don't like sweet shit. anything that's too sweet i'm like ew, get it away from me. but lately, cravings for sugar have been redic.
i found this really wicked site today that you guys might enjoy.. it's called "http://www.thingsmyboyfriendsays.com/ .. OMG. it is hilarious!! it's basically this girl with a hilarious boyfriend. and the shit he says. here's a sample:
While snuggling:
me: Who loves you?
e: Megatron.

it's good shit, check it out. also does anyone know where i can get a hit counter for free ?! everyone i sign up for keeps deleting me cause i remove their cot damn advertisements from the html. damn you system!
whilst smoking today, i contemplated quitting. not really hard though ahahah. it was more of a thought.. like "i should really quit smoking" then a bird flew by and the thought was gone or some shit.. but anyway! after the whole bird thing happened, this guy walked by me and gave me the most disgusted look i have ever seen. now i felt as if it was as though he saw my cigarette and then thought "ew".. i mean i'm no model, so maybe i choose to think that BUT YEAH.. that's what i felt.. then this random memory from junior high rang in, when my french teacher said how he can see a dope female.. be like "wow that girl is beautiful.." then he said he'd see her smoking and think "ew gross.. disgusting".. SO.. my question to you guys today is..



Anonymous said...

yes. it definitely turns me off. sure they may look hot now, but what about 10 years later?

please don't turn into one of those old ladies with scratchy voices, super wrinkly skin at the age of 50 and still smoking like a damn chimney.

my mom, who used to smoke 2 packs a day a long time ago, told me the other day that she smoked while she was pregnant. THANKS, MOM. lol. she stopped smoking when i was about 5. but whenever i smell cigarettes it reminds me of my childhood. sad, huh.

Maribeth said...

i got your text. chatroulette party friday night?

as i was reading your blog, nicki manaj was on mtv spring break, but i missed it. jake was watching it tho, and he said she sucked. and if jake thinks she sucks, then she must really blow.

i've only heard of this waka flocka on your blog and that video you posted with the dude mentioning him. he sounds like the next soulja boy.... soulja boi? i dont even know anymore.

fuck blackberrys forevaaaaaa.
iphones fo life.

http://www.thingsmyboyfriendsays.com/ < hilarious! bookmarked fsure.

i saw a graphic stop smoking ad today on tv. one guys bottom part of his face was gone and the other woman had a hole in throat. yah... not gonna be a good look. quit when can, but no rush =)

as for your question of the day, it depends on if the person is hot and/or how theyre smoking it.

kanJay Chedda said...

yes smoking is a turn off, sorry ladies!

Anonymous said...

I think smoking is only a turn off if you're not a smoker. To me its sexy as fuck.

You're one humorous lady..I can't help but get some what of a dave chappelle vibe off you. Read ur nas post...you know your shit. So on sunday. Can you answer how you got into hip hop?

jheffff said...

Sunday = Video blog day!
"hair and make-up tutorial" please. Thank you!

reese pieces is good. i don't blame you.

where's your bro?
where's your mom?
take a shower.
haha, you're poor. just kidding.

Ron said...

Can't say I'm completely turned off by tobacco consumption but the smell of a heavy smoker is some disgusting shit. Now, I'm only speaking in terms of being in the area of a person who smokes A LOT. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to tongue down someone who smokes heavy.

I also dislike my blackberry & Verizon. Fucking crooks.

Larry said...

If my turn on ever had an off switch, it wouldn't be cause of female smokers. I dig that. I wish Nicki Minaj smoked then she'd be extra cute.

syntifik said...

#1: 10 years from now i plan on being hot shit so don't worry!! i don't want wrinkly skin or a scratchy voice:( i vouche to do everything in my power to not smoke during pregnancy.. but that's far from now.. remind me to never smoke around you, all you gotta do is say ur name! ;) kiddingg.

maribeth: fuck yeah im down. i'll pick up some champagne! parrttyyy!! bianca, if you're reading this, you're invited..
lol @ jake. waka flocka is soulja boy.. you know how nas is rakim's son?! waka flocka is soulja boys son.
i know, i might fall into the iphone trap! once a new one drops, im getting it. they can only get bigger and better!! site rocks right! i thoroughly enjoyed it./
thanks for accepting me as a smoker:)
how they're smoking!! agreeeed!! i hate when girls are holding their cigarette like dudes and not even inhaling.. ew gross ! give it to me! you're wasting it!!

jason au: you just broke a lot of hearts au.

anonymous #2: yay!! thank you!! dave chappelle is a dude so im not sure how much of a compliment i should take that as ! haha.. and i'll be sure to answer that question in a post soon:)

jheff: I AM NOT DOING A COT DAMN HAIR AND MAKE UP TUTORIAL! hahaha. have you seen my make up!? ITS CRAP! i cake on too much make up and it's usually un-even.. and i dye my own hair and usually miss spots.. so that video would really be "what not to do with ur hair and make up by botch". my brother's in california, i haven't lived with my mom since i was 15. where have you been!! hook me up with money jhefffyyy..

ron: a pack (25 cigarettes) usually lasts me about four days or so.. but if i'm drinking i smoke more.. is that a lot?!
i'm with telus which is the canada equivalent to telus. we're in the same boat my friend!! AND SHIT DUDE! pin me pin me!

la: i laughed so hard at that nicki minaj comment.. OMG. that nearly killed me and made me choke on my reeces. i fucking love you dude.

and yo! where is anonyboss at!! come back i miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting question Botch!! Recently I`ve realized smoking doesnt turn me off or even bother me, anymore. To smokers, Ive seen what great things it can do to you guys! Lol I mean, people cant get through the day without cigarettes. For
real..everyone has their reasons and I feel I shouldnt have a say in it, you smoke cause you need it. Period. You write cause you need to, same shit. It`s a personal decision. Since nursing, I know smokers know more than anyone what health conditions they may get from smoking. No one should ever take that away from you..if so then what next..no writing!! Lol okay maybe not..sooo my point is..fuck it! Everything kills anyway!
- Jaja

syntifik said...

wowww janet.. that is crazy. i think that is ur longest comment ever and i am excited bouddd it boud it! everything does kill, even water. ahahah.
i can see your point.. but what about like, meth heads ahahha.. that would turn me off.