Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i have so much shit to do and no time to do it. mother fuck me over twice bitches. today, after a vast amount of music listening.. i realized.. i just want to party? all the time? fuck work. fuck school. fuck alla that gay shit, i just wanna party! okay, so that's not real life. but it's a nice dream.. and i dream quite well on the weekends. so what's good this weekend guys? bianca?

today my cousin and i drove around. i have a stack of burned cds in my car that are disintegrated from over-listening. i keep my reject cds with my burned cds.. by reject cds, i mean the cds you bought when you were ten years old cuz you were ten years old.. we listened to four tracks on my aqua cd before we finally persuaded/convinced/couldn't take it anymore and listened to some shitty radio. oh aqua. peace bitches.


Maribeth said...

i wanna party all the time too.
my co-worker shared this sweet life moto she has "I was born to be rich"
me and you botch were born to be rich and party all the time.

I <3 you put Luciana's electro taacks on here. Luciana is one bad as bitch. loooooove every track shes done.

syntifik said...

i couldnt agree more! get rich or die tryin..
luciana is dope! i want her hair..

syntifik said...

and yo wtf?! u have a blogger account now?!

Anonymous said...

Let's party !!! I dont care if we dont like lil John i just want to get smashed out of my face with you ! because ive been good for a while. Everything else will fall into place after!


syntifik said...

hahaha cot damn i hate lil jon.
i wanna get smashed too. see you laturR?

Maribeth said...

i think it just shows i have a blogger cause I have a google account. im wondering if i should start a blogger just cause it seems like all the blogs i follow use it.

syntifik said...

i would likes that very much