Friday, April 13, 2012


Life is easier when you're surrounded by good music, good people, and a lot of beer.

Happy Birthday, bezzie.


Anonymous said...

You and your girl friends dress how I want my dream girl to dress.
Swaggin goin sweel, indeed Botcho. Indeed.

- Chi-Town...again

Anonymous said...

Damn, I mean "swell" =(

Anonymous said...


- botch

Ron said...

Even though I've cut back on the brew, I wholeheartedly agree.

syntifik said...

Can I add to my list of goals to have one with you?!

maribeth said...

this makes me wanna play flippy cup
mmmmmm beer
also we must party again in my basement.
- maribeth

syntifik said...

who started calling flip cup flippy cup?! that's so girly of us. i like it.

and yes, yes, yes, co-sign.

when i get back to winnipeg!

Ron said...

Umm sure haha never thought I'd be even remotely close to being on anyone's bucket list.